In Which I Watch "Fear the Walking Dead" Episode 01!

This will just be a quick little review as I have only watched episode 1, and episode 2 just came out this week as I am writing this. I am a huge The Walking Dead fan, and have all the graphic novels that have been released so far, and am up to date with all the main TV series episodes.

As you can imagine, I was super excited for this, being a massive TWD fan, but ended up being super disappointed! It starts very differently from TWD, and progresses really slowly.  As the credits started, it was great to see Robert Kirkman’s name appear so much, and to see how involved he was, considering that The Walking Dead is his baby.

We also get our first glimpse at a zombie, which was cool, even though it was a super ripe one, but that is only ro be expected as it is still “pre-apocalypse”.

I got super bored, to be honest, while watching it. I guess with so much action and stuff that happens in TWD, I was expecting to see a lot more happen in this. At the same time, it’s only the first episode, which means it’s only setting things up for the whole series.

It wasn’t until we got to the final 15-20 minutes of the episode that something decent happens. We get police footage of police trying to take out a zombie, and failing as they continuously shoot it and it doesn’t stop, as they don’t know what it is or how to take it out. Schools then get shut down, and people start rushing indoors. We then have the encounter of Nick and his friend Calvin, where Nick ends up shooting Calvin and leaving him for dead. When Nick returns to where he left him, his parents along with him, they find a zombified Calvin and end up having to take him out.

Like I said, it wasn’t until the last 15 minutes that all this last bit happened and the episode ends, leaving me debating whether or not I liked it, and whether or not I will continue to watch it. I guess I’ll give episode 2 a go, but so far I haven’t read anything positive, so I’ll have to watch it and find out for myself.

EDIT: I have just finished watching episode 2, and have to say I’m far more impressed with how the story has progressed in this episode and a lot more action than the previous episode, bringing it just that little bit closer to what we’re used to in the main TWD show. I think I’ll be sticking around with this show and can’t wait to see what direction it goes in!

3 thoughts on “In Which I Watch "Fear the Walking Dead" Episode 01!”

  1. I found that, just like with TWD’s first seasons, I hate (HATE!) the main female character already.

    Episode 2 was a lot better, I kind of wish they had led up to the events a little slower but not like they did in Episode 1 (if that makes any sense at all…)

  2. I will stick with the show, but I think a lot of assumptions were being made by the characters in a this world where we have no idea what is going on. I am hoping now that that part’s out of the way, it will be a lot smoother with the plot from here.

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