In Which I Have A Lot Of Notebooks/Sketchbooks

My name is Dean Kealy and I have a problem: I have too many sketchbooks and notebooks! IMG_0316
This really is a problem for me. Whenever I go out shopping and we stumble across a shop that sells notebooks or stationery, I really have to restrain myself, because once I see a notebook or sketchbook with a pretty cool cover or really nice paper, I need to have it! I might not use it for months and months, but I do eventually get around to using it, and I generally like to give each and everyone of them a different purpose/project.

Like for example, each and every sketch/notebook you see in the photo above, it has a purpose:

  • The bottom sketchbook is a Winsor & Newton Bristol Paper Drawing and Sketching Paper Pad. I use this sketchbook for drawing my comic strips and a few other illustrations that require heavy duty paper, such as the use of ProMarkers.
  • Second from the bottom, is a 180 degree A4 hardback sketchbook. I was using this one to draw my A-Z series over on my art blog but I haven’t drawn in it since then. I love the 180 degree part of it, it means you can open the sketchbook flat without breaking or bending the spine because the spine is a strip of fabric that the paper is glued to, which means it can open and close a lot easier than a regular sketch or notebook, and is probably more durable too!
  • Next up is an A5 blank canvas covered sketchbook. The paper is standard drawing paper, but the front and back covers of the sketchbook are blank canvas boards so you can decorate/customise them as you please. I splattered mine in fluorescent paints. I will be using this sketchbook for DEANKEALY.COM when it goes live in 2016, so I can’t say anymore on what I’ll be using it for.
  • Next up is a little small A5 sketch/notebook. I refer to it as this because that is what I use it for. I write and draw in this book all my ideas for little projects. For example all my designs and ideas for how DEANKEALY.COM is coming along are in here, as well as thoughts and layouts for some illustrations I am planning for the future too. I call it a little project book, because everything in it is a project.
  • The pink and turquoise notebook you see is my “blog book”. I write all my ideas for blog posts in here as well as plan schedules for what post’s go where and on what blog they’re going up on as well as the day and time. I love this notebook. It’s from the James & Friends stationery series which was designed and created by YouTuber Jim Chapman. I really recommend it because the notebook itself as well as the paper are really high qualit and really reasonably priced and you can get it on Amazon.
  • Above that I have a small blank A5 sketchbook. It’s the same style design as my project book, so I’ll probably use it as a project book once I fill up the one I’m currently using.
  • The corkboard sketchbook is just a general sketchbook for whenever I feel like randomly doodling. I always have one of these on the go because you just never know when you’re going to want to doodle and have it not related to anything else that you’re working on!
  • The last two notebooks on top are A6. The top one is a Moleskine square ruled memo book, and I use this to as a to-do list, memos, quotes, ideas, generally for when I’m on the go, and I get an idea I scribble it in here and then transcribe it into whatever notebook is necessary. Underneath that is just a sketchbook that I have yet to use, that may or may not have a role to play over on DEANKEALY.COM in January!

There you have it! They are just some of the sketch/notebooks I have on the go at the moment, and believe me when I say that isn’t ALL of them. I’m pretty sure I have a bag full of other note/sketchbooks somewhere in my house! I think that’s all I have to say, hope you liked seeing all the sketch/notebooks I use.

Do you have an abundance of notebooks (or sketchbooks)? As many as me? I want to know! Leave a comment!

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  1. I have a fascination with all things notebook. Luckily, I weeded out when I returned from Taiwan. I only have a couple right now. Although once I settle in semi-permanently, they may start migrating into my possession again. 😉

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