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In Which I Geek About: Nimona, Star Wars and Lego!

Welcome folks! I know it’s Saturday, and I missed out on Friday, but I have very good reasons for why I am a day late: I want to introduce this new(ish) section here on WBW where every other week, I shall enthuse/geek-out about some graphic novels, merchandise and other geek-like media that is in my life. This week I have three things to geek about, to kick this segment of, and they are: the Nimona graphic Novel by Noelle Stevenson, Chewbacca from Star Wars, and the new series of Lego Minifigures! Let’s get started!

nimonaThe graphic novel debut from rising star Noelle Stevenson, based on her beloved and critically acclaimed web comic, which Slate awarded its Cartoonist Studio Prize, calling it “a deadpan epic.”

Nemeses! Dragons! Science! Symbolism! All these and more await in this brilliantly subversive, sharply irreverent epic from Noelle Stevenson. Featuring an exclusive epilogue not seen in the web comic, along with bonus conceptual sketches and revised pages throughout, this gorgeous full-color graphic novel is perfect for the legions of fans of the web comic and is sure to win Noelle many new ones.

Nimona is an impulsive young shapeshifter with a knack for villainy. Lord Ballister Blackheart is a villain with a vendetta. As sidekick and supervillain, Nimona and Lord Blackheart are about to wreak some serious havoc. Their mission: prove to the kingdom that Sir Ambrosius Goldenloin and his buddies at the Institution of Law Enforcement and Heroics aren’t the heroes everyone thinks they are.

But as small acts of mischief escalate into a vicious battle, Lord Blackheart realizes that Nimona’s powers are as murky and mysterious as her past. And her unpredictable wild side might be more dangerous than he is willing to admit.

I first started reading Nimona in its original format as a web comic back when Noelle was still creating it! I came in about halfway through, but quickly caught up, and waited ever so eagerly every Tuesday and Thursday for the newest update. When I found out she was publishing it as a graphic novel upon completion, I was ecstatic. Originally difficult to get my hands on it, I eventually gathered the funds to purchase my copy from Amazon, after endlessly perusing and bugging my local bookstores for a copy, I bit the bullet and bought it online. I love it–well, I knew I would love it, because I’ve read it already, haven’t I, but the fact that I now own a physical printed comic that I’ve been reading for so long on a screen is awesome! That is all. If you like what it has to say about it in the description above, you need to own it too, because I have nothing but good things to say about it!

06_Chewbacca_POP_GLAM_1024x1024The next thing is this awesome little guy: Chewbacca! I love Star Wars, and Chewbacca was one of my favourites of the whole movies (along with R2-D2), but to be honest I think it’s just because of their voices/sound effects that they make. But anyway, this Chewbacca is from the franchise “Pop!” who make stylized bobble-heads of well-known characters, movie characters, comic book characters, etc. They’ve been around for quite some time and I have always threatened to get one, but at the same time I was afraid if I got one, I would want another, and another, and another…and another. I finally got this one, and well… I want another! I want an R2-D2 and I want a Batman and I want a Deadpool and I want a Groot and and and I WANT THEM ALL!!!!

legomonsters*cough* Apologies for that little outburst. The third and final part to this week’s Friday/Saturday blog post, is the newest series of Lego Minifures. This launch is focused on the theme on Monsters, quite appropriate as we close in on Halloween, and as usual there are 16 to collect in the series. I picked up my first six packets this week, but alas only four of them are now mine, as two others were doubles, so I gave them to my neighbour’s kid. The four I did get though were Big Foot (second one on the second row pictured), the weird plant man (third in on the second row pictured), the zombie business guy (first pictured on the third row) and the fly headed man (first pictured on the final row). I love this series the most so far, of all the series Lego have released, and can’t wait to get my hands on all 16 of them!!!

And that, my lovelies, concludes this week’s Friday/Saturday blog post, I hope to see you soon with more amazing content here on WBW! Until then 😉

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  1. The legos are pretty awesome, I am making plans for them now.

    I haven’t been into the POP vinyl stuff much before, but I had Deadpool and now BB-8. I like a lot of them, but I don’t know if I can collect those and Legos too! 😀

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