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In Which I Find Out The True Definition of 'Wether'!

Today’s story begins last week when I was texting a pal, and one of the sentences I was texting was “I don’t know whether or not…”. Now, I’ve spelled it correctly in that sentence, but I originally typed it as wether, but quickly thought to myself, hang on, that doesn’t look right! So I typed out whether and was non-the-wiser, as the autocorrect didn’t take any measures to tell me that either spelling was wrong. 

Unsure as to which spelling I should have used in the text, I take a little trip over to Google, who kindly informed me that in this case that whether is the correct spelling. 

It then went on to inform me that, unless I am a farmer, I wouldn’t know what a wether is–and sure enough I didn’t.  It’s a sheep, or as Google put it: 

A male sheep or ram, or a castrated ram or billy goat. 


My face upon discovering this information!

So there you have it! If ever you’re in doubt from here on in on whether you’re using the correct spelling of wether or not, just think of the above image of that poor, poor sheep!

See ya tomorrow! 😉

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