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In Which I Attended My First Book Club

Wednesday, November 11 2015.

This evening I attended my very first book club. Thankfully, that was the case for everyone else who attended the book club this evening too. Blackbird Books, my local bookstore, was the host, and there was six of us in total. I found the evening to be very exciting, not knowing what to expect. The book we spoke about was Miss Emily by Nuala O’ Connor.

A great discussion was had about the book, and all who attended seemed to have a good time. Hopefully the club remains a thing that I attend on a monthly basis, as I really enjoyed the evening and it was great sharing my thoughts about a book I read with actual people as opposed to writing them down on a screen and sharing them with the internet. (Which I probably will still do, no doubt.)

I don’t normally post on a Wednesday anymore, and normally I keep this kind of information/news for my Weekly Word post, but I feel like those posts are going downhill, and isn’t getting as much attention/response I would like, so I think I’ll be posting sporadically during the week like this from here on in, as well as my Weekly Word post, of course. That’s all I have to share with you guys for now. I’ll see you all Friday hopefully, with my actual review of Miss Emily. Until then 😉

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    1. I didn’t get around to writing a weekly word this week, I might give it a miss as I’ve been working non stop all week and haven’t much news to share.

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