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In Which I Answer the 3 Questions of Magic!

Today’s post comes from a new series that Charles from Legends of Windemere has started over on his blog, and he has invited everyone to participate in it too. Click here if you want to check it out yourself! Below are my answers to Charles’ 3 questions, but you can answer them anyway you want to!

1.) If ‘Fantasy Style’ magic appeared in our world, do you think it would be a good or bad thing?

The first thing that popped into my head when I saw the words ‘Fantasy Style Magic’ was the TV show Once Upon A Time. If you read my Weekly Word posts, you’ll know that I am loving it at the moment, and it’s full of magic, what with it being fairytales and what-not. So, I think that if magic appeared in our world, it would be from that show! Whether it would be a good thing or not, is hard to tell. I think it would be a thing that only certain people in certain positions would be aloud to have it and they would be constantly monitered so that they’re not using it for evil, and that there would be a special team similar to a SWAT team to take them out, or strip them of their magic if they do lose control of it or use it for evil.

2.) What would you do with your new magical powers or would you even want them?

I don’t think I would want them, especially if it’s in the scenario I have described above. If I had to have them, and didn’t have a choice I think I would like the abilities that all the fairies have, because their magic is good magic and they can be stripped of their powers and their title of fairy if they misuse their powers. I would use these powers to help those in need, and those who are in situations that karma has enthrusted upon them, and help them by any means I can, within reason of course, and I would be very selfless with it because, come on, once you can fly, what else do you really want in life, eh? 😛

3.) How much of a change would the introduction of magic be to our world?

There would be less/no poverty, no financial crisis, no climate change, and criminal activity will drop to a mere 20-30% worldwide! I don’t know really, I’m terrible at answering this kind of question. The world, I think, would be a better place, but at the same time, as they say in Once Upon A Time “Magic always comes with a price.”, so I think it would change people a lot, and make them greedier, perhaps, or change them in other ways because magic is just so damned powerful, that it’s bound to change anyone and everyone who wields it!

Okay folks, so there you have it! They are my answers to Charles’ 3 questions! Make sure that if you participate that you ping back to Charles’ original post linked above, and let me know too, if you participate, because I want to know what you would do with your magic! 😉

4 thoughts on “In Which I Answer the 3 Questions of Magic!”

  1. Interesting system choice. Though I could so see the scenario leading to a magical revolution due to the high restrictions. Funny how most people who answered the questions either spoke only of good magic or said how it would be restricted to only good magic. Wonder if that means most people have a worry about power corrupting.

      1. Then again, there are characters who use magic for good. One of the tough things is having such power and keeping it with the responsible people. We even have that in modern times with nukes.

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