Hello October — Back At It Again!

Hello October — Back At It Again!

Alternative Title: Do More of What Makes You Happy!

Hey everyone and welcome back to the blog–for both you and me! I certainly have been very quiet here on WBW lately, but I’m hoping to amend that as of this blog post.

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My hours in work dramatically increased recently and I have found it hard to balance both work and blogging, which meant I all but disappeared from the blog here. I’ve had to cancel things, and let one or two people down, and I’ve really gotten into a slump where I haven’t even picked up a book since July!

Only the other day, I came across an article while scrolling through Facebook, on one of the blogger groups I follow, called “Blogging for Busy People: How to Blog Despite Having a Busy Schedule” and I have to admit it was a real eye-opener for me, a slap in the face you could say, telling me that just because I work a couple of eight hour shifts every week shouldn’t stop me from what I love doing: Blogging! Sure, I don’t have as much time as I used to, but that should not stop me in the slightest.

You always make time for what you value. Even if you work a full-time job. @ryanbiddulph on Twitter

It’s a matter of mentally and physically readjusting my schedule so I can work my blog work around my real work. I’m also guilty of falling down the TV/YouTube black hole, where I come home from work, or whenever I have a couple of spare minutes, I’ll watch a YouTube video, or a TV show, where I could be using that time to read. I haven’t even bought a book in a few months, that’s how bad my not-reading got to, so I went out the other day and deliberately bought a book (that I had intended on buying in the back of my mind) in the hopes it will get me back on the reading bandwagon!

As soon as I finish writing and posting this blog post I’m going to read for at least an hour–then I have to go to work–and then when I come home from work, do some blog-planning (and maybe a YouTube video or two in the background), and then read some more! Why am I telling you this, I hear you ask, because if I tell someone that this is what I’m doing, then I’m committing to it, and it’s not just some passing thought in my head saying “maybe I’ll read tonight” before opening YouTube and before I know it, it’s time for bed.

Turn off all distractions.

Shut off the phone. Turn off laptop notifications.

At least for a few hours daily.

If anything, this blog post is me giving myself a kick up the ass, getting myself into gear, because I want to Do More of What Makes You Happy and up until now I haven’t been doing what makes me happy.

Rant over, see you next week with some content that will probably be a little more enjoyable to read!  😉

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