Hello November!

Welcome to the first post of November here on WBW, and hopefully the first of 30. Yes, that’s right, 30! This November on WBW, I am participating in a little something called NanoPoblano. Now, I know most of you are saying, “What the heck is NanoPoblano?!?”, so fret not as there is a blog dedicated to telling you all about it: Click here to go to the NanoPoblano Blog! This is why, if you’ve even noticed, why I have been a bit absent here on the blog for the past week.


I keep piling the projects on top of myself because I don’t have enough on my plate with college and work. Like I mentioned last month, I want to start back at #SaturdayScribblers over on my art blog deankealy.com and I’ve also started a new project, separate from both WBW and my art blog, so keep an eye out for that as I’ll be announcing that as it gets closer to the time. So to recap: that’s 30 days of blogging on WBW, weekly #SaturdayScribblers scribbles, and a yet to be announced project. So as you can see I have a very hectic 30 days ahead of me and if that wasn’t enough, I’m planning on doing a 25 days of Christmas drawing challenge on my art blog in December too. I’m a demon for punishment.

This month on the blog, I was fortunate enough to participate in yet another blog tour, this time for the wonderful Caroline Busher and her debut novel The Ghosts of Magnificent Children. We also binge watched Marvel’s Luke Cage Netflix series together, and I did a detailed review of the 1st episode. I attended two book launches: one for Sister Agatha by Domhnall O’ Donoghue, and the second was The Ghosts of the Magnificent Children by Caroline Busher.

So lots happened, and hopefully lots more will happen in November, because hey, I’m going to need something to write about if I’m going to be posting everyday.

I can’t believe I’m saying this, but: See you all tomorrow!

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13 thoughts on “Hello November!”

    1. I’m still between two minds with it. Part of me wants to wait until the New Year to bring it back, while part of me is saying “why did you even stop?!?”

  1. Hahahaha…I’m such a “writer”..I hit send before realising that it may look like I was talking about you! Well..I was…but ..I was talking about me too..ahahahahah.

  2. And I thought I overcommitted myself – going to add you to my Feedly to perhaps join you in your 25-day Christmas drawing challenge. I have a 25 day Countdown to Christmas I post each year – a daily drawing would be a great addition.

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