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Hello March

Welcome back everyone to my monthly recap post! For those of you unfamiliar with my “Hello__” series, at the end of every month, I look back over everything I did during that month, as we say hello to the next month! February was such a quick one, too. I feel like it was only last week that I was sitting down to write “Hello February“.

February was eventful, to say the least, with it being my birthday month. I had a great birthday and was spoiled my friends and family alike. I got some new books and stationary which I absolutely love! My favourite I think, was a bookmark in the form of a wolf, whose upper jaw sits on top of your book, and his lower jaw on the bottom, with an elastic strap that holds you page in place–amazing!

Next up in February was Valentine’s Day, and unlike most people, I spent mine at a mini-conference as opposed to being all ‘lovey-dovey’. The mini-conference was called “Get Social” and was held at The Helix in DCU, and was a very informative day with speakers like Matthew Weil from VoiceSage as well as representatives from Jameson Whiskey and Bank of Ireland, and blogger Hugh Curran to name a few!

I managed to slip in a trip to the cinema in February too, thankfully. As much as I love movies, I don’t get to go to the cinema as often as I would like, so when I do go, it’s a real treat! The film I went to see was The Space Between Us, starring Asa Butterfield and Gary Oldman. It was surprisingly good, as I was sceptical going into it. You can read my full review here!

To top it all off then, I had a weekend adventure just this weekend gone, and I had the whole weekend booked off for an adventure we had planned, but didn’t go quite to plan… you can read about that in a future blog post, hopefully not too far away. Until then, you can read My Top 5 Travel Necessities blog post which I shared with you guys last week, in preparation for the adventure!

With that, we wrap up on February, and look forward to what will hopefully be just as an eventful month in March. On my calendar already, I can tell you, is a book launch and St. Patrick’s Day, so things are looking good so far! See you soon! 😉

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