Hello June!
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Hello June!

Hello there and welcome to Hello June (well, almost)! My Hello series is the monthly recap series I host here on the blog where I fill you guys in on the month I just had as we say hello to the new oncoming month!

If anything, this past month has been eventful. May is always a busy month for me generally with birthdays, but there were extra events and stuff thrown into the mix this year which made it even more eventful.

So, let’s start with the biggest elephant in the room, shall we? Yes, WeeBitWordy MOVED from dot com to dot BLOG. Yes, so whenever you try and type in weebitwordy.com, you will automatically be teleported (yes, teleported) to WeeBitWordy.Blog—go on, try it! What essentially happened, is I got bored to how limited to a variety of stuff I had available to me on the free WordPress.com site, so I decided to move over to complete self-hosted on WordPress.org, using an Irish web-host called Blacknight Solutions. I’ve dealt with these guys in the past with another site, and really enjoyed my time with them, so I decided to go back to them for this instance. Also, I heard at a conference recently that it’s best to have your web-host be a company that’s based in the country you’re working from, as it means file transfer quicker than if you use a site like GoDaddy and have to wait for your websites files to come from who knows what country!

Speaking of conference, that was my next big main event of the month! I attended my first ever blogging conference in Dublin on May 20th called BloggerConf. It was basically a day jam packed full of speakers talking about they’re experience in the blogging and vlogging industry. We also had a speaker from a law firm telling us all our rights as bloggers and vloggers and what we can and can’t do, to make sure we don’t break the law or get ourselves in trouble or get sued or something along those lines.

With that segway, I would also like to announce that I have filmed and uploaded my first ever video to YouTube! This is something I have been contemplating doing for quite a while and BloggerConf really got me thinking about whether I should or not, and the other night I decided to just face the situation and went for it. I then contemplated if I would upload the video, and then I saw a video from a YouTuber I watch and they were talking about just going for it, and that’s just what I did. To use a quote, I’ve been loving recently: “do something every day that scares you.”. I’d love to know what you guys think, if I should do more, and sure subscribe while your at it? 😉

Last and not least for the most eventful month of May ever, is that I reached 1,000 followers on Twitter! I don’t think you guys realise how excited this makes me as I’ve never had any of my social media accounts reach 1,000 (PS. If you want to follow me on Twitter you can at @weebitwordyblog).

That is all I have for you guys this month. Enough though, isn’t it? Yeah, I thought so. I’ll see you guys soon for more! 😉

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