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Hello July

Whoa-boy! Where oh where is the time going?!? We’re already halfway through the year–can you believe that? There’s officially less time between now and Christmas 2017, than there is between now and Christmas 2016. Sorry–I mentioned the C word…

So let’s do a recap on the month then, shall we? June was quite a busy month for me, if I’m totally honest, and I’m finding that hugely surprising, as June has proven to normally be one of the quieter months of the year for me.

The beginning of June saw the end of the course I’ve been doing for the past 9 months. I was so relieved when the course was over. Even though I enjoyed every bit of it immensely, I really missed having some free time. The course ran Monday through Friday’s from 9:30-16:30, which was quite a huge chunk of my day, and then on Thursday and Friday evenings, I would be straight into work until 9 PM, as well as working through the whole weekend. Trying to fit anything extracurricular was a challenge, and generally resulted in me having to book a day off work to do anything. So now I have a lot more free time, and more time to focus on blogging, and reading.

So with this free time, I went to see La La Land on the big screen thanks to my local arts centre, The Solstice, and their special screening. I have to admit, it’s not a movie I would have gone to see, in fact I didn’t go see it the first time around that it was released in cinemas, but thanks to a friend of mine, I was convinced to go and see it, and I did, and I actually really liked it!

Also in June saw me take off to Dublin to see my dad for Father’s Day. It was a short but sweet visit, and I also to see my Grandad, which was a bonus, and also ended up with me in Paperchase, and spending a stupid amount of money–but hey, you guys got to see a Paperchase Haul out of it!

Last Saturday I took off to Kells, where the Hinterland festival took place. The festival went on from the 19-25th of June, alas I was only able to go to one day due to work. In fairness, it was good, but also it lacked a lot. It promoted Irish writers who’ve been published and are in the spotlight at the moment, but it didn’t really give a lot of focus to those up and coming writers, which was a bit unfortunate, as well as disappointing. Those that I did go and see at the festival were great.

On the blog, I was fortunate enough to have a lot more free time to work on stuff for you guys, including participating in a blog tour! Louise Cole’s The Devil’s Poetry was a fab little read, and I loved reading and reviewing it, and participating in the blog tour, and I can’t wait to read the next instalment in the series!

Last on the list of stuff that happened in June is my YouTube Channel! So, if you didn’t know from last month’s Hello June post, I made an introductory video, launching the channel. This month though, I managed to get a total of 4 videos out for the month of June! That’s basically a video every week, which I think is good going considering that I’m only starting out at the whole YouTube thing. Let me know if there’s anything you’d like to see me do in a video, whether it’s another haul or if it’s a review of a particular book!

That about covers the recap on June! Here’s hoping July is some-what as busy–although I am jet-setting on holidays for a week mid-July, so I’ll either have to schedule a post to go up in advance, or maybe I’ll take the week off entirely–who knows!

See you soon! 😉

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