Hello February

January has come to an end and we’re quickly entering into February! OK, so it’s not quite February yet, but with February 1st being my birthday, I can see myself being preoccupied, and not getting around to posting here. I’ll be a big fat 24–which is scary, because that’s a really grown-up age, and to be totally honest: I don’t feel like a grown up…So January was pretty busy. I feel like I never stopped for the whole month as things got back to reality after the festivities of Christmas. I started back at my course, and I’ve been working away at the weekends as per usual, as well as trying to post here as frequently as possible.

I set myself a goal for the month of January to try and post here at least 2-3 times a week, and I can safely say I’ve been keeping to that schedule. Hopefully that schedule/frequency can continue on into February. My main priority is to get at least 2 blog posts a week, at a minimum. I also set myself the goal to start reading more frequently. Like I mentioned in my Hello 2017 post, I fell behind on my reading in the later half of 2016, and I intend on righting that. In the end I only read one book for the whole month, but I have started another since, and intend to finish that quick enough. I did get around to reading and reviewing two graphic novels though, so my reading has kind of picked up.

My final goal of January was to get back into my little art project Dean Kealy Cards, but I’ve since decided to scrap that and the majority of my art projects. Fear not though, as I’ve restarted with my new website/portfolio: All Things Dean. If you click that link there it will bring you straight to the site. Out of all my projects, I kept my little art blog Dean’s Digest (again click the link and you’ll be brought to it). Dean’s Digest until now has been where I’ve mainly sharing my comic strips, but I’ve transferred all my art/sketchbook blog posts from my old blog over onto here, and will continue from there. Hello 2017, Hello Clean Slate!

So very quickly now, February goals:

  • Continue Blogging Schedule!
  • Read 2-3 Books!
  • Start Daily Sketching again!
  • DFTBA!

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