Hello 2018

Hello 2018

Happy New Year, my lovely readers! I think its safe to say this blog post is long overdue. As per usual, I took December off from blogging, but now I’m back and ready to get in to 2018 with a bang! 

I’ve already got quite a nice few bits lined up for you guys on the blog, including some adventures, a blog tour and some book reviews, and hey–maybe even a graphic novel or two.

Normally with the New Year, I would traditionally set myself some resolutions, but this year, I haven’t. I’ve promised myself a few things that I will do (read more, draw more, etc.), but apart from that I haven’t really said I’ll take any resolutions. I did give myself a Word of the Year though, and that word is Travel. Again, not a resolution, but more of a promise. I want to travel more this year than I have before, and I can safely say I already have two adventures lined up! The first one in fact, is this weekend, and the next one is in February for my birthday, so we’re starting strong on that one!

I have to admit this is the first time in a few years where I’ve actually been excited for the New Year, and the things to come.

How has the New Year been for you guys so far? Have you set yourself any resolutions or promises?



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