Harry Potter: My Collection Completed

My set of hardback copies of Harry Potter

I have been on a hunt. A hunt for books. The Harry Potter books, to be exact. I guess you could say I’ve been looking for these books for the past year, if not a little less time than that. This weekend, I finally got my hands on the final book that I was missing in my hunt: The Half Blood Prince.

Harry Potter is very special to me as The Philosopher’s Stone was the first book I can remember reading as a child and enjoying. Harry Potter is the reason I love books so much. I remember being gifted The Philospher’s Stone for my 8th birthday (I think?), and I haven’t looked back since. I remember going to get each and every copy of each book as they were released from that point on. My memories of Harry Potter are strong and fond, and I love them so. I remember one year spending two weeks of my Easter holidays reading The Deathly Hallows. I didn’t watch TV, I don’t think I even went outside. I just remember spending the two weeks reading.

And then one year, a good few years, who knows why, I was going through my bookshelves, and (brace yourselves) I decided to get rid of my Harry Potter books! *GASP* yes, I know, whatever was I thinking??? To be honest, looking back, I don’t know what I was thinking. Fast forward to last year, and I decide I want to get these books back! Obviously not the ones I originally owned, because who knows where they are now. No, I decided I wanted to go on a search to try and collect a hardback edition with the original cover illustration of each of the seven Harry Potter books. I trolled the charity shops, the internet, every where that I could look, I looked for these books. Thankfully, I was given a beauty and found a box set of the first 4 books in hardback edition with the original cover illustrations on my local buy-and-sell. That was half the battle done. It was the final three books that would prove to be the difficult ones. I ended up finding two very battered and beaten copies of both The Order of the Phoenix and The Deathly Hallows, before finding copies of them in good enough condition that I could call them my own. It wasn’t until this weekend just gone that I found the final book that I needed to complete my collection: The Half Blood Prince! Again, I found it on a local buy-and-sell, but not only was it in good condition, but it’s a first edition! I was  am so happy now that I have completed the collection, and my hunt for all seven of the original Harry Potter books–so happy that I felt like writing this little blog post about it!

How about you? Have you read the Harry Potter books? If not then why? Have you got the original hardback copies? Please comment and let me know, I’d love to hear your story!

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