Happy 3rd Blog Birthday!!!
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Happy 3rd Blog Birthday!!!

WBW-Birthday 2

Today I have an extra bonus little blog post for you all, as I don’t usually post on Saturday’s, but I couldn’t let the day pass without acknowledging the birthday of this blog! Yes, WBW has officially survived the Terrible Two’s and made it’s way into it’s 3rd year! 😀

I’ve come a long way here on this little blog. I remember back in 2014, setting up the blog. It was well into the night–one of those where I was finding it real hard to get to sleep. I was scrolling the internet endlessly, as you do when you can’t sleep, when inspiration struck for me to start this blog. At the time, I was somewhat familiar with blogging, as an artist, I would upload my daily sketches or finished pieces to a separate blog (now called Dean’s Digest) but I was using that more as a social media platform, as I was literally just uploading the image and saying a few words about it.

WBW was to be my first proper venture into blogging, using the blog as a blog is intended. Originally this blog shared some of my fiction pieces, to the point where I, the author of the blog, was a fictional character too. It took me a few months but I eventually gave up my fake persona and just started writing as myself. It wasn’t long then before I discarded my attempts at sharing my fiction with you all and started reviewing books that I was reading, followed shortly my graphic novels and comics and the (still) occasional movie. Let’s fast forward to my weekly update posts, followed by my meeting lots of new friends (you guys know who you are). If it wasn’t for you guys–yes you, the reader–I don’t think I’d still be here writing this right now on this blog! I’ve really started taking this a lot more seriously too, in the last 6 months I’ve become a lot more serious about what kind of content I share with you guys, when I share it, and how it’s presented (I went to all that effort of these photos, just for this blog post!!!) because I love you guys and you mean the world to me, and I don’t know what I would do if I didn’t have this little corner of the internet to run to every week!


OK guys I’m gonna go now before I get even mushier and then when the tears come–nobody wants to see that!

Happy Birthday, Blog.  Here’s to many more years…


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