Happy 1st Anniversary WBW!

Welcome folks to Wee Bit Wordy’s 1st Anniversary!

*This post has gone live at 3:20AM Irish/UK time, the time the very 1st WBW post went live this day last year!*

It’s hard to think that it has been an entire year since my pal who still wishes to remain anonymous set up this blog. They set the blog up with the intention of becoming a blogger. They had read numerous blogs, and wanted to see if they could do it for themselves. And a brilliant job they did at first, and even added myself onto the blog as contributor, considering as I was the one who introduced them to the blogosphere, helped set up WBW, etc, but alas, it wasn’t to be, as their posts got less and less regular until one day I received a message saying that they were going to close down the blog. “NO!” I replied. I was having too much fun here on WBW just to give it all up! I was using WBW as an escape from my usual blog, Dean’z Doodlez, as somewhere I could go to write whatever was going on in my world at the time. When I think about it now, a lot has happened in the past 12 months here on WBW. The blog was nearly deleted twice, nearly moved to a new web address, and since all that has become a place of its own, ditching the “WordPress” to become a good ‘ol fashioned “.com”!

You guys have been great too! Since the beginning you were all very supportive of my pal when he entered the blogosphere world, and helped build up the stats and followers here, and even give advice where needed. Even when they decided to leave, you guys stuck around–sure you’re reading this now, aren’t you? And something tells me you guys love what I’ve done with the place!

I never expected this place to be still here a whole year in, once my friend left, let alone have me posting on a regular basis! I’ve loved every minute of it and hope to enjoy many more! I’ll see you guys back here on Friday for another WBW post, and hopefully I’ll still be here this time next year! 😉

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