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Friday Fav: Terry Pratchett and Discworld

Welcome folks to a very special edition of Friday Fav, even though it is only the second in this series. As you might have heard, (and if not, are you living under a rock?) Sir Terry Pratchett died yesterday, aged 66. Every Friday I sit down and tell you guys about my favourite thing of the week! This week is the author Terry Pratchett, but that doesn’t mean every week is going to be an author. Next week I might talk about a video game I really like or in fact I might even tell you guys about my favourite brand of coffee and how I like to make it.

Yesterday’s Daily Sketch that I posted over on my main blog Dean’z DoodlezThe Colour of Magic (cover art).jpg was a tribute to the Sir himself, you can check that out, and over there I gave just a quick little info on how I got into reading his works, so if you’ll allow me, I’ll retell that tale, but add to it of course and tell you how The Colour of Magic and The Light Fantastic are two of my favourite books by him.

I first encountered the works of Terry Pratchett after seeing a television adaption of one of his many novels, The Hogfather. It starred several actors I recognised and the story was very enjoyable and this made me want more, and so I hunted down his books, after researching to see that The Colour of Magic and The Light Fantastic were the first two books in the long series of books that are part of Discworld.

It has recently come to my attention that the first book isn’t usually the first book people read by Terry Pratchett. After snooping around it appears most people are likely to say “oh Mort was the first book I read” or The Hogfather or Going Postal and etc. Which led me to thinking am I a bit of an oddball that I went looking for the very first book as opposed to just diving in head first to the first book by him that I layed eyes on. Anyway, moot point.

At the time, ITLF.cover.jpg bought The Colour of Magic and The Light Fantastic together, as they looked like very small reads, (and they were on special offer) and I could see myself flying through them easily in a couple of days. Boy was I right! In the space of a week, I had the two books devoured and I found myself wanting more and more! I even went so far as to look up online which order to read all the books in, so I kept the same characters grouped together, and then when I wanted to I could read the one-off’s like Going Postal or Hogfather.

The books Terry Pratchett writes are funny. They’re light hearted and they will leave you wanting more! The characters are obscure, the story is obscure, but I think that is what makes it so enjoyable, so likeable and so much more!

Well, thanks for letting me get that out of my system. I know it was a bit random, but I felt I had to write a blog post about the man who will now live on as a legend in the world of fiction and continue to serve as inspiration to many others as he already has.

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I’d like to give a special thanks to Deborah for suggesting that I share Friday Fav with the world and allow people to ping back! Check out her blog if you have the time, it makes for a good read!

See you next week for another Friday Fav! 😉

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