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Fiction Friday: The Adventure – Part 1

Hi guys! Its my first official post here on A Wee Bit Wordy! I have always been fascinated by periodicals, and by the fact that some of the greatest works by writers like Sir Arthur Conan Doyle and Charles Dickens, were originally published in a periodical. In response to this fascination, I present to you my very own periodical here on Wee Bit Wordy. Some characters have yet to be titled, and a full title for the story is yet to be set, but to me that’s all in the fun of writing. This is Part 1. I hope you enjoy, and I’d certainly like to hear what you guys think of it too!


In a forgotten land, lived a boy who had power beyond anything anyone ever knew. But little did the people of that forgotten land know of the power in which that boy held. In fact, the boy himself knew nothing of his great power, abandoned as a baby left to fend for himself; he was found by a villager of the forgotten land and brought into his family and raised as one of his own, none the wiser. At the age of sixteen the boy was a man in his own right. He had learned to wield a sword, to fend for himself, to hunt in the wild and many more skills and abilities.

“My boy, my dear boy.” said his father to him one day, sitting him down. “There is nothing for you here anymore.”

The boy gave him a peculiar look; he was not sure where his father was going with this conversation.

“You must gather your belongings, and prepare yourself for an adventure, for it is time.”

“Time?” the boy asked.

“Time you knew the truth—I am not your true father, nor was your mother, may she rest peacefully. We found you as a babe alone and cold and hungry out in the woods on wet and stormy day. We brought you into our home and raised you as our own…”

“And what of my actual parents?” the boy questioned him.

“…We are not certain. You were alone, and there were nay a soul to be seen for an age around us. You would have caught your death had we not found you when we did.”

The boy ran his fingers through his scruffy black hair. “Why are you telling me this now, father?”

“I wish for you to go on a quest. When we found you, you had something around your neck.” The boy’s father produced a parcel wrapped in cloth and handed it to his son.

The boy removed the cloth to reveal a medallion, the size of the palm of his hand. It was made of granite stone with jewels encrusted into it, ruby quartz and crystals and gems. He turned it over where there was a name carved into it. The boy read it out.

“My name…” the boy asked.

“Yes, we believe this to be your name, and so that is what we named you. I know a man in a land not too far from here. I want you to journey out and seek him. He should be able to tell you more about the medallion and its origin, and hopefully help you find your true parents.”

The boy stared at the medallion. “But I know who my parents are. You are my father, and I knew mother.”

“No boy, you will do this. You are at an age where you need to go out and seek adventure, and this is perfect opportunity. You need to do this.”

The boy sighed. “Okay father. If you insist, I will do it for you!”

To Be Continued… 

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