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Facelift and Social Media


Today on WBW I’m going to share with you lovely people where you can find Wee Bit Wordy in the World Wide Web apart from just here on WordPress! Why now all of a sudden, you ask? Quite simple! Both Wee Bit Wordy and Dean’z Doodlez both got a little facelift today! When I say little, what I mean is I added a new Home page for both of them, so when you type in or you aren’t just thrown into the deep end with the material I share with you guys. Now, when you enter in the respective url for both blogs, you land on the home page which gives you an introduction to the blog, what its all about and where you can find it elsewhere in the www. Why don’t you try it out? Go now, type in into your URL bar, have a look at the new home page and come back. Its ok, I’ll wait…

You done? Great! Isn’t it much nicer?

As well as doing just that today, I also set up a Tumblr for WBW. Yes, a Tumblr just for itself. What will be happening there is the posts that you see here will auto link over there, so if you happen to be on Tumblr one day, and forget to check your WP Reader, WBW will be there for you anyway! Also, I shall be reblogging other stuff that I find WBW relevant on there too, because its Tumblr, and that’s just what you do there!

I also set up a Pinterest Board just for WBW too! Now, as opposed to creating a whole new account for it, I simply added the board onto my Dean’z Doodlez Pinterest. So if you hit the general follow button there you can follow all my boards, or you can simply just follow the WBW Board if that’s all you so wish to do!

And if that wasn’t enough for you, Wee Bit Wordy is also on Facebook too!

That’s it for today! Hope you’ll join me in my other social media outlets!

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