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Today I want to share something a little different with you guys. I will admit, that I had to go look to the Mighty Promptosaur once again today, and they pointed me in the direction of this prompt:

Draw something – instructions to a simple task, or a mysterious device/machine

Instead of drawing something for you guys, I’m sharing something I have drawn. To be more specific, several somethings. If you are new to this blog, and are not familiar with me, I am also an artist as well as a book blogger, and when I am not here blogging about my favourite books, graphic novels, TV shows and movies, I am usually of somewhere drawing pictures.

Copyright Dean Kealy

Just last week, I started making comic strips, because that’s something I like to do, and I decided to make a new blog dedicated to sharing them comic strips with you. This blog is called Dean’s Digest!

So, if you’re looking to see more please head on over there and check it out, and maybe click the follow button while you’re there? Please? 🙂

Dean’s Digest

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