Day 6: Doctor Who Day

doctor-who-season-8-premiereIts day 6 of my “Blog Everyday in September” Challenge and today I want to talk about Doctor Who. More specifically, I want to talk about Peter Capaldi as the Doctor! Before we go any further, might I suggest you not read any further if you haven’t been watching Season 8 up to Episode 3, and do intend on watching it. “Spoilers!”

I’ve been watching Doctor Who since the show was relaunched back in 2005 with Christopher Eccleston as the Ninth Doctor. Since then I haven’t been able to stop. I thought David Tennant as the Tenth Doctor was the best, only to be topped by ingenious character created by Matt Smith as the Eleventh Doctor. Now we have our Twelfth Doctor Peter Capaldi (even though he’s technically the 13th Doctor, but we won’t go into that argument for now).

I’d never heard of Peter Capaldi before he was announced as the Doctor–and now that I think of it actually, I had never heard of Chris, David or Matt either, so it actually seems quite fitting–so therefore was quite skeptical about how he would portray the legendary role of the Doctor.  After seeing him at the end of Season 7 I was ecstatic. The little teaser they gave us of Capaldi in his first minute or two of the Doctor was enough to have me wanting more, but after watching the first episode of Season 8, that was when the skepticism kicked in. I had recorded the episode, and once it ended I turned off the television immediately. “I don’t know” I thought to myself. There was something odd about him. His face, maybe? A friend of mine said his face resembled that of an owl. I saw the resemblances immediately!

Can’t you see it? Please tell me you can see it!

Anyway, moving on: Apart from the fact he resembled an owl, there was something in Capaldi’s portrayal of the character that I didn’t quite like. And then it struck me: “He’s very grumpy! A grumpy old man!” I thought to myself. When I later brought this to the attention of my father, he told me some very wise words: “You’re just not used to an older Doctor,” he said to me “You have to remember that the Doctor was originally played by older actors before it relaunched.” How very true he was! Because it was then brought to my own attention that I had never actually sat and watched Doctor Who Pre-Eccleston (with the exception of the Eighth Doctor from the TV movie in the 90’s).

I’m writing this just after watching the third episode of Season 8, and I am now starting to adjust to Mr Capaldi as the Doctor. It also came to my attention tonight, after scrupulously watching the interaction/dialogue between the Doctor and Robin Hood, that he is a very obnoxious character. He doesn’t seem very comedic in comparison to Tennant or Smith, yet Eccleston wasn’t very comedic either, so maybe it is about time they did tone down the comical side of the Doctor and made him a more serious character, which is, if I am not mistaken, the whole idea of this Season (and this Doctor), that we get to see a more darker, if not sinister side to a man who has lived for more than 2000 years.

So with approximately 10 or so more episodes to go, I’m sure Peter Capaldi will grow on me some more, but for now, I’m still looking for that little something that will prove to me that he is a worthy/amazing Doctor. Have you been watching Capaldi as the Doctor? What are your impressions/thoughts of him so far?


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  1. I’m liking because you’re posting, and I want you to know I’m visiting, even though I don’t watch Doctor Who. But very nice of you to include the spoiler alert for those who do. 🙂

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