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Day 2: Purple

My bedroom in Dublin has been painted purple!

As I mentioned once or twice over the last two days, I’m currently visiting my home in Dublin.

I returned home yesterday to find that my parents had painted the walls of my room purple. Not a girly purple, mind you, more a sophisticated and adult purple, one that doesn’t make you think “this is a girl’s room”. More of a purple that suggests the person who sleeps on this room isn’t bothered by the colours of the wall because he is an adult, and the room actually looks all the better for it.

Before it’s lick of paint the room was a neutral creamy-yellow colour–I’m not too sure exactly what colour as it had been on the walls for some time and had become quite faded.

Here’s a Haiku on the colour purple:

Purple is the bedroom,
The bedroom in which I sleep.
I do not hate it


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