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Day 1: Dublin Calling

Well hello there everybody and welcome to the first WBW post of September. Initially I said I was going to do a 30 day challenge , but instead I have decided that I shall just try and post daily throughout the month.

Today I’m going to shoot from the hip and talk about moving because today I went back home for a few days, here’s what I have to say about it.

Today saw me travel to the city of Dublin, a total of 1 hour and 10 minutes away from where I live in Navan by bus. Up until three months ago I used to live in Dublin but when a job opportunity arose I moved to Navan. This is only my second or third time back in Dublin since I moved, and I have to admit, I’ve really noticed the change in pace! Dublin is a city/urban area, Navan is a town/rural area. I never noticed the hustle-bustle of city life before the move, and I have to say it really took a toll today as I swam through the swarm of people just to get from A to B. Compared to Dublin, Navan is very laid back, relaxed, nobody’s in a hurry to get anywhere, and I have to say: I really like that!

I used to think it was great living in the city, only being ten-fifteen minutes from everything I need. Now that I am in Navan, and settled in nicely, I have come to realise that everything I need is there also in a ten-fifteen minute radius! In fact not only that, but it’s less stressful, there’s no swimming through oceans of people, and the characters are a lot more interesting! Why, you ask? In Dublin, because it’s a city, no one has time to stop and notice all the different and quirky characters, and in Navan, nobody is in any kind of rush, everyone knows each other and you can go about your business without being hassled by a homeless person for change, or some charity organisation looking to get you to sign up for anything.

Yes I do love it, but I also miss some shops that aren’t available in Navan. For instance–my Local Comic Book Store is in Dublin, and there’s none in Navan, believe it or not, there are very little comic book stores in Ireland, and the majority of them are in Dublin, then there’s one in Cork and another in Galway. That’s it!

Could I find myself moving back to Dublin anytime soon? I don’t actually think so! Even if I weren’t working in Navan, or if I were to lose my job tomorrow, I think I would remain in Navan. Don’t get me wrong, I still visit Dublin any and every chance I get (like now, for instance) and love having that little adventure even if it’s only once or twice a month. It’s what makes life a little more interesting!

So that’s basically the last three months of my life in a nutshell. Have you been moving around lately? Any new experiences, jobs, etc?
I’ll see you guys tomorrow! 😉

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