Coffee Shop Musings

I love a good Caramel Capuccino!

 Warning: This is a stream of consciousness post, so I’m just going to be typing as I’m thinking, so this post may seem a bit all over the place, but it’s basically me just thinking out loud!

I’ve been very absent here on WBW since we came into 2016. I released a blog post on Friday with the books I was am forward to reading this year, and I plan to have a post go up this Friday about the books I have left from 2015 going into 2016. Other than that I really don’t know what I’m doing with this blog.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s not for lack of content, because I have an abundance of that. I just need a good kick up the rear end. I want to post more than once a week, but all my attention seems to be going into Dean’z Doodlez at the minute, and I just need to change that. I’m debating whether or not to continue my weekly update posts, and if I do, should I change the name of them or take part in someone else’s project (like ‘If We Were Having Coffee…’). I’m currently sitting in a coffee shop writing this, drinking a caramel cappuccino, so I’m very drawn to that idea at the minute.

So that’s Monday’s and Friday’s sorted, but what about Wednesday’s. Part of me would feel weird if I were to leave out Wednesday, as I’ve always posted here Monday, Wednesday and Friday, most of the time. I’d love to bring back Wordless Wednesday, personally, but I’m also drawn to Linda’s One-Liner Wednesday at the minute. Decisions decisions… I don’t know what to do–I kind of wish someone would just decide for me.

What do you guys think I should do? I’d love to hear from you, my dear readers, as your feedback means the world to me, and honestly, I don’t think I’d still be blogging right now if it weren’t for you guys!

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2 thoughts on “Coffee Shop Musings”

  1. I love the weekend coffee share. Reading AND writing. It feels like a good way to catch up, and everyone end up with their own style. Of course, Linda’s Wednesdays are also a favorite even thought I only read those. 🙂

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