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My Furry Friends

Today I want to share with you guys my furry friends, my pets, my pals! These guys are my companions, and they never fail to make me smile even when I’m feeling down. On the top left you’ve my number 1 baby. Pippa is a Jack Russell/Pomeranian mix and she is 9 years old. OnContinue Reading “My Furry Friends”

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Answers 3: From the Little One

TGIF! Hope you’re having a great Friday folks! Today I’m answering a prompt from an awesome series that Charles over on Legends of Windemere runs called “Questions 3” where every week he gives you three questions, and you answer them, whether it be in the comments or in your own seperate blog post, that’s completely upContinue Reading “Answers 3: From the Little One”

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In Which I Give Up Blogging (on Dean'z Doodlez)

Hi guys! Today’s post is a little different. As some of you may know, I also am an artist as well as a blogger! As well as Wee Bit Wordy, I ran an art blog called Dean’z Doodlez. If you are familiar with the blog, and are a follower of my Dean’z Doodlez Facebook page,Continue Reading “In Which I Give Up Blogging (on Dean'z Doodlez)”

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In Which I Went For A Job Interview

It was a very stressful affair altogether! The position I have applied for is that of a supervisor, and just in case a full-time sales assistant as back-up if unsuccessful. The interview was very casual, the interviewer wore a Batman t-shirt and denim shorts, and I felt I answered the questions to the best ofContinue Reading “In Which I Went For A Job Interview”