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Building Rome: Series Finale!

I’m back for one last Building Rome post of 2014, folks!

Today I want to talk to you guys about some New Year Resolutions I intend on taking up! I know we all start NYR’s with the greatest intentions, and most times we never actually fulfill them, but this year will be different (because we don’t tell ourselves this everyyear, too!). In 2015, I want to incorporate my NYR’s into my weekly BR posts so I stay on top of them as well as setting myself some small weekly goals/reminders/tasks along the way as well. I’ve read one or two NYR posts already believe it or not, and thought it was time I got on top of making my own list. I searched the WWW and stumbled upon this website HERE and felt it was perfect for helping me pick some of my resolutions!

Here’s my 2015 New Year’s Resolutions:

  • Draw everyday!
  • Read more.
  • Cut down on internet/TV.
  • Spend more time with my mam, and less time locked away in my room.
  • Turn off the internet and/or TV and read before bed!
  • Cut down/Stop drinking Coca-Cola.
  • Start saving money every week.
  • Walk the dog more/everyday.
  • Get my bicycle fixed.
  • Keep a (personal) Journal.

So that is just some of the stuff I plan to do in 2015. I don’t know really what’s ahead of me as I have absolutely no plans made for the year ahead at all! I might even take up a night class or learn something new, go on a holiday–who knows???

I have my 2015 NYR’s made, how about you? If you haven’t already, do it now, and share below in the comments or leave a link to YOUR resolutions so I can check ’em out!

Happy New Year!

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