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Building Rome: Month 3 (Week 12)

happy-3-months-anniversary-now-lets-danceWelcome guys to Week 12 of my Building Rome Saga, which means I’ve been chronicling to you guys on a weekly basis now for 3 MONTHS! Crazy! But I love having somewhere to go, at least once a week, even if its just to vent, like I did last week about my Troll, or share what’s going on in my world at the moment!

So I’ve a bit of an announcement to make before I commence with my goals, and I’ve been debating on whether I tell you guys today, or next Sunday, which is the last Sunday of August, but then I realized it would be very short notice, as my announcement is September related and begins the very following day! My announcement relates to both my blogs, both here on Wee Bit Wordy and over on Dean’z Doodlez! My announcement: For the month of September I am partaking in not ONE, but TWO 30 DAY CHALLENGES!!! Yes that’s right–TWO!!!

Here on Wee Bit Wordy, I intend to participate in either the 30 Day Photography Challenge! Last time I tried to do this, I did it on my DSLR and tried to edit each day’s photo on Photoshop before sharing it with you guys! But this time, because I am working and what-not, I shall be doing it on my iPhone and sharing it on my Instagram (@weebit_dean_doodlez) as well as here.

Over on Dean’z Doodlez, I intend to participate in the 30 Day Drawing Challenge, but this one is a lot different to the regular standard 30 Day Drawing Challenge! What one is it? You’ll just have to wait and see–and head over to Dean’z Doodlez and follow me there to keep up to date!

So there you have it guys! That’s my plan for September–all usual blogging schedule shall be thrown out the window while this is going on, so if you don’t hear from me here on WBW at all this upcoming week, know that I am preparing for my TWO 30 Day Challenges!

Now let’s get back to business, shall we?


Tuesday/Wednesday: QnA Tuesday–I mean Wednesday–What???

(That’s it–what a lazy week, huh?)


  • Try go jogging more than once!

This didn’t happen as much as I would have liked. We went for a long brisk walk one night, as opposed to jogging, and then I went and twisted my ankle, and with work that went out the window–but this week hopefully! HOPEFULLY!

  • Finish current decoupage project for Monday or Wednesday’s Dean’z Doodlez post.

Yay! Go check it out HERE!

  • Make a list of DIY/Craft/Art projects to work on for future blog posts on Dean’z Doodlez.

I was going to do this, but then I realized there is no point as all of September is going to be about the 30 Day Challenge! So I might just make a list for November.

  • Make a list of future blog posts for Wee Bit Wordy.

See above.

  • Make a Birthday Card for friend.

No, but I did get her a really nice card instead, and a really cute Birthday present!


  • Prepare my blogs for the 30 Day Challenges
  • Go Walking/Jogging
  • Write a post for Katie on D/A Dialogues because she went to the effort of writing one for me which will go live here on TUESDAY!

Also: Should I still do my BR posts in September, even though I’ll be doing the 30DPC?

That’s it for this week folks, and I’ll see you guys next Sunday for the last BR Post of August! Goodbye! 🙂

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