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Building Rome 7: Time

Hey guys and welcome back to another Building Rome post! “Already???” I hear you shout, but yes, due to some technical difficulties last week’s post was on Tuesday, but as of today, it returns to its usual Sunday spot! So I’m picking up on some stuff I’ve seen floating around other BR posts, and Brad, creator of the Building Rome project, picked up on it himself in his last BR post, that people have categorized their goals into two lists. Their everyday mundane tasks, and then their weekly goals list. I think I’ll give this a go.

Here are last weeks goals and their results:

  • Set aside at least ONE HOUR everyday for reading!

This did definitely NOT happen. While I did finish the book I was reading in time for Thursday’s WBW Book Corner post, I have yet to start a new book 🙁

  • Set aside at least ONE HOUR everyday for writing!

The reason I haven’t started a new book, and the reason why I didn’t complete this goal either, is because I have signed myself up to Netflix! Yes, Netflix–the time killer!(IE the reason for the video–good riddance time ha ha!)

PS: Check in on Tuesday for a Netflix related post here on WBW!

  • Cycle to work everyday!

Done and done–although I did have to get the chain fixed on my bike, so I didn’t cycle to work yesterday or today due to that reason, so this is technically a successful goal by default 😛

  • Purchase wall-art and furniture for bedroom!

I did not yet purchase some furniture for my bedroom (a book case of some description), but I did buy some wall art and I do think it is soo cute, that I am going to share a pic with you guys:

Makes me giggle!

Sooo now to set my goals for this coming week–first to distinguish the mundane from the individually challenging…

  • Cycle to work everyday!
  • Buy my mother’s birthday present!
  • Visit friends and family
  • Cut down on Netflix
  • Start reading a book, then maybe try finish it!
  • Creative Writing!!!
  • Draw more!!!

OK, that’s all for this week! I’ll see you guys next Sunday for my BR results, and good luck to all you other BR participants out there! Remember: One day at a time! 🙂

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