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Building Rome 6, Take 2: Damn You Technology

I am REALLY hating technology at the moment! You may or may not have seen a post here earlier on today by me here on Wee Bit Wordy explaining on how I shan’t be deleting this blog and how I have deleted the “All-New” version after figuring out how to transfer the blog 100% under my control, as the original blog’s author/creator no longer wishes to be part of the blog. That post has some how found itself DELETED!!! GRRR!!! That’s TWO WHOLE POSTS I’ve lost this week, the first being my week 6 Building Rome post over on the short-lived/no longer existent All-New Wee Bit Wordy… really frustrated at the moment… mumbles grumbles…

Last Weeks Goals (AGAIN):

  • Purchase gifts for 2 family occasions–one on Thursday, one the following week!

Success! I had a great day celebrating a christening and my cousin’s 18th birthday!

  • Continue cycling to work!

Yes, I guess, as I cycled to work 2 out of the three days I was working last week :).

  • Finish reading current book, even if its the last thing I do!!!

NOPE! I have a perfect resolution to this problem. See my goals for this week below!


This Weeks Goals (AGAIN):

  • Set aside at least ONE HOUR everyday for reading!
  • Set aside at least ONE HOUR everyday for writing!
  • Cycle to work everyday!
  • Purchase wall-art and furniture for bedroom!


So, there you have it! The guts of my last two blog posts that got deleted all summed up into one! Phew! See you Thursday for another WBW Book Corner and then back here on Sunday for the results of my BR Goals! 😀

4 thoughts on “Building Rome 6, Take 2: Damn You Technology”

    1. Yes it was difficult to have to come home this evening and see that my “essay” that I had written explaining everything to you guys was gone and then re-write my BR post on top of that–oh well its done now, I’ve built a bridge and gotten over it–MOVE ALONG NOTHING TO SEE HERE! lol 😀

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