Building Rome 5: A New Beginning

A new beginning? I got a new job! Yup! Read all about it HERE! Its only part time for a few hours a few days a week, but its still putting the cents into my pocket πŸ™‚ Happy July 4th Weekend everyone! Here’s how I got on with my Building Rome goals this week!

  • Finish reading at least ONE book!

No such joy, but never fear, there will still be a WBW Book Corner as usual on Thursday!

  • Cycle to work, if not everyday!

Hooray! I loved this goal! The weather has been quite fresh and very good to us here in Ireland for the past week or two so this goal was completed easy! In fact, I even made a little cartoon about it onΒ Friday over on Dean’z Doodlez!

  • Try not neglect my blogs!

I have the schedule here on Wee Bit Wordy down to a tee! Sunday’s are the BR posts (duh!), Thursdays are for the WBW Book Corner and I’ve been trying to make Tuesday’s an “anything goes” sort of post, where basically I post about whatever is going on at the moment, or if I’m approached about something, for example, Tuesday’s post announced my new job! ALSO ALSO ALSO over on Dean’z Doodlez I’ve acquired some sort of schedule for whenever I’m not blogging here on WBW. Wednesday’s and Friday’s are pretty much sorted, but still unsure as to what to do on Monday’s… hmm… any suggestions?

  • Make a new print for a family member!

I didn’t complete this goal, but it wasn’t vital/urgent when I added it to the list–still isn’t–but I will get around to doing it.

Now for my goals for this week:

  • Purchase gifts for 2 family occasions–one on Thursday, one the following week!
  • Continue cycling to work!
  • Finish reading current book, even if its the last thing I do!!!

This coming week is probably going to be a quiet one, hence only three goals. Hopefully I’ll have more next week!

Tune in on Tuesday for “Anything Goes” and then Thursday for the WBW Book Corner, and then I’ll see you guys next week for an update on how I got on! πŸ™‚



6 thoughts on “Building Rome 5: A New Beginning”

  1. Well done, Dean! Good idea with the schedule– it’s something I badly need to implement, but that I keep putting off. I tend to be of the mind that I should post when I feel well enough to do it. My wife generally keeps a schedule for her blogs, though, so maybe I should build off that.

    1. It’s great thing having a schedule, because that way you feel like you have to post on those days you’ve set, or you’ll be letting your readers/followers down

      1. Yeah… I just deal with chronic pain, though. I’m lucky if I can squeeze out a few posts a week or so. Plus, I’m a rabid perfectionist, and I get very picky about my work.

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