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Building Rome 21

Hi guys and welcome to the 21st installation of Building Rome here on WBW! This week, while not as productive as it could have been, was somewhat productive! Better that last week, that’s for sure!


  • Design a logo for a friend

Nope. Not yet. But its still on the to-do list.

  • Keep writing even if it means only one non-Building-Rome post a week.

I think I’ll be happy if I get one other blog post a week out here on WBW! This week’s Zombie Apocalypse post didn’t get much attention but, oh well!

  • Keep drawing A-Z series on


  • Keep reading.


  • TRY and write WBW Book Corner post!

I’ve decided against this! I really do enjoy reading, but writing about what I’ve read, not so much! It reminds me to much of school and having to do homework! I will certainly chat and comment and IM people, but write more than a 100 words in one go? No thanks!

I’m not going to set myself any goals for this coming week, but I will however be back next week as usual with an update as to how things are doing! I just don’t feel very motivated at this moment in time to set myself any goals, but I will however continue to doodle and to read and so on and so forth! 😀

See y’all soon!

2 thoughts on “Building Rome 21”

  1. I hear ya about feeling unmotivated. Writing about things we read is very much like school work! Totally agree on that. Also you reminded me of something I need to finish. Almost forgot.

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