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Building Rome: 2 Months Strong!

procrastination-procrastination-everywhereHey guys and welcome to WEEK 8 of the Building Rome project created by Bradley over on Green Embers! This week was very flimsy… I was away visiting my parents for a few days, which distracted me from some blogging and other tasks, and as a result I didn’t even get a WBW Book Spotlight post done–this is the first one I’ve missed since I started it, and I can hope it won’t happen again anytime soon unless anything major comes up. Now, as for my goals this week, things were not good. Like I said, I was traveling, and well, you’ll see my excuses as I go through the list…

Last Weeks Goals:

  • Cycle to work everyday!

I was in only two days this week, and I can tell you here and now I did not cycle, but I did walk! My bike is currently AWOL at the moment as the axle, the cog and some other things are out of action in the back wheel, and I’ve to go find a replacement wheel or two brand new wheels.ย  ย 

  • Buy my motherโ€™s birthday present!

I have yet to decide what I am getting her, but I have a few more days to decide.

  • Visit friends and family

As mentioned above, I went to visit my parents who live an hours bus journey away, and I also visited my grandparents and cousins while I was at it–hey look I actually completed a goal!

  • Cut down on Netflix

I won this one by default. I wasn’t home to watch Netflix, therefore I technically did cut down on Netflix?

  • Start reading a book, then maybe try finish it!


  • Creative Writing!!!


  • Draw more!!!

I bought art supplies and have been doodling for Dean’z Doodlez.

So yeah… that was my week… not great, huh? Let’s set some new goals for this week shall we, and hope they go a little better.

  • Create a schedule for Netflix watching and book reading.
  • Get bicycle fixed.
  • Read more! (Seriously, I haven’t read in nearly three weeks!!!)
  • Choose and purchase a gift for Mother’s birthday present.

I’m going to leave the list like that for this week, that way I can get a better handle on things hopefully for next week. I’m also looking for some fresh material here on WBW for either a Tuesday or Wednesday post, so if you’ve any ideas rattling around those heads of yours that you would like to share, comment please and I’ll see you nice folks next week ๐Ÿ™‚

3 thoughts on “Building Rome: 2 Months Strong!”

  1. Dang, that sucks about the bike. Hope you find some good wheels on the cheap. Yeah… cut down Netflix time, seems good. You visited family though, so awesome!

    (Love that meme up at the top ๐Ÿ˜€ )

    1. Yip haha! I’ve made a schedule and cut myself down to one hour of watching both Netflix and YouTube in order to have more reading time! ๐Ÿ™‚

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