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Building Rome #19:

Welcome folks to the 19th edition of Building Rome here on Wee Bit Wordy! This week has been a relatively normal one thankfully, and there haven’t been any hiccups or upsets to throw me off my game. Just the way I like it!


  • Continue with current artists streak of drawing on regular basis.

While I didn’t do as much drawing this week as I would have liked, I did manage to get to Dean’z Doodlez posts from what I did do, and I have also been reunited with my Wacom Bamboo Graphics Tablet, so expect something digital in the coming week over on Dean’z Doodlez!

  • Try to write something other than another Building Rome post!

I got TWO WHOLE POSTS that weren’t BR related this week, granted they were short and sweet, but none the less, I actually wrote something! Gonna try better this coming week, and I have something lined up, so keep an eye on this week’s goals below!

  • Visit relatives

While it was only for a few hours on Tuesday, I did indeed get to visit my parents! The plan was I would arrive at their place and then we would head into the city centre (ten minutes from their house) and get some lunch and do some shopping. Unfortunately the rain and wind were so bad when I got to the house that we decided to stay put and have some lunch there and catch up. Yesterday I got to see all five of my cousins on my dad’s side for the first time in nearly 6 months as well as my grandparents and my aunties. It was great to see them all again in person, even though we had been in touch over the web and on the phone.

  • Work

Work work work work work work work! I did three 9-6 shifts in a row this week, Wed-Fri, and thankfully I’m not in now again until this coming Wednesday! Things have changed a little in work since I last spoke of it. We have taken on a new Christmas Part-Time staff member, but our manager has also been sent to another branch store as the manager there has fallen ill. This resulted in our only other full-time staff member being given the role of acting manager. I was also duly informed that because of this, I shall be getting a couple of extra hours in the next week or two, which is by all means no problem with me!


  • Draw at least once a day, even if just a doodle.
  • Write at least once a day, even if just a scribble.
  • Write a WBW Book Corner on the book I just finished.
  • Start reading next book TODAY.

And that’s it! That is my week in total spilled out in just under 500 words! Hope to see you guys during the week either here or on your own blogs! Until then, toodles!

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