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Building Rome 16: Month 4

Song of the week!

Welcome one, welcome all to week 16 of my Building Rome Chronicles, this week marks month 4!

Wow! 4 months, huh–that’s dedication right there I must say. I don’t think I’ve ever kept at anything for this long on the internet–especially on one of my blogs! Anyway, what kind of week have you had? Mine was very relaxing I must admit. I was only in work for three days this week, and two of them days were evening shifts, so I had a few more luy-ins than I care to admit this week. I’ve actually gotten fed up of staying in bed until noon–I feel like half the day is gone before you even get out of bed! I think I’ll make that part of my goals for this week, because looking at my roster and the way my days in work are laid out, it looks like most of my work days are going to be evening shifts, unless they’re on a Saturday or Sunday.

I feel like I’m doing good with my “Blogging everyday in September” thing too, but I don’t think I’m going to stick with it. While I like sharing with you guys something different everyday, I don’t want to be giving you guys a blog post just for the sake of posting something, so I am contemplating returning to my Tuesday, Thursday, maybe Saturday, and Sunday routine; but not with the usual stuff I was giving you guys last time. I feel like people weren’t enjoying my WBW Book Corner posts, and then they became more of a chore/homework more than doing it for fun! What do you think?

Anyway, on to the important stuff:


  • Put a pin in finding/getting/creating a storage area for my art crap.

Not quite there yet. Sleeping until noon everyday didn’t help me with this one. Also money was tight this week just gone.

  • Put a pin in finding and idea/creating a clock for my room and making it a future DIY/Dean’z Doodlez post.

I have the clock 3/4 of the way finished. I just have to paint the design I want onto the clock face and stick the mechanism on and its done!

  • Continue with the 30 Day Challenge Dean’z Doodlez (Day’s 11-18), and the Daily Blogging here on WBW.

I was very succesful this week with fulfilling this on both blogs, except for Friday here on WBW. As I mentioned above, I might not stick to Daily Blogging here on WBW.


  • Sleep no later than 10AM everyday!
  • Finish DIY Clock
  • Continue with the 30 Day Challenge on Dean’z Doodlez (Day’s 22-28), and have a good hard think about what I want to do with WBW’s schedule!
  • Start reading for at least an hour everyday! (I’ve majorly fallen behind on my reading due to a combination of Sims 4, YouTube and Netflix!)

And that is another week done and dusted! I’ll see you guys during the week if not here, then over on Dean’z Doodlez! Have a good one! 🙂

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