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Building Rome 15: This Is How I Disappear

Hello there folks! Yes, indeed I did in fact disappear for a few days there, didn’t I. Well, fear not I have my excuse right here: as you guys know, I purchased for myself a brand spanking new laptop on Wednesday, and I did indeed get the collector’s edition of Sims 4 the Friday before, so… yeah, I think you know what happened: THE SIMS TOOK OVER MY LIFE (again)!!!

This happens everytime Sims game comes out. It happened first when I acquired Sims 2 while out shopping on holidays once–I got one of them combo deals where you get the game itself, and two expansion packs for like the price of the original game alone! That was my first introduction to Sims. I had never played it before but knew of people who had and really wanted it for myself–and so began the addiction.

About a year later Sims 3 was released and I was all over that like a snot-rocket, purchasing all the expansion packs the week they were released–my whereabouts was very unknown in that period of time as I became so absorbed and obsessed with all the new and wonderful things that you could do–so much freedom, so little time!!!

Now Sims 4 is here, and I have to admit, I pre-ordered the collectors edition a month before its release date and paid off the game little by little every week until the day came where I could go in and collect my reward. When I got home with the game, I had full intentions of launching myself right into it and letting it take over my life, but my laptop decided it had other plans. The laptop I owned prior to this brand new one I now own was very old. It was a HP Compaq, ran on Windows XP, and was that old that the newest version of iTunes wouldn’t download onto it because the laptop’s OS was no longer being updated, therefore wasn’t powerful enough to hold it. So as you can imagine, if it can’t run iTunes, it was hardly going to be strong enough to run Sims 4, which needs 8GB of RAM just to run!

Off I ran to my savings account, where I had some birthday money leftover over, and low behold I had myself a new laptop! Now, believe me–only for I had that little nest-egg, I would still be talking to you guys as if everything above never happened. In fact, I probably wouldn’t have disappeared in the first place. Sims 4 is amazing, I got lost for a few days in its awesomeness, but I am back now and ready to continue from where I left off. If you are following my 30 Day Drawing Challenge over on Dean’z Doodlez, I should be ruturning to that, too later this evening, picking up from where I left off, so make sure to check that out! I’ll also be doing my gosh-darndest best to return to daily blogging here on WBW too–believe it or not, I missed telling you guys about what’s going on in my little world. While I wasn’t lost in Sims, I was watching YouTube videos, and all the vloggers who vlog their daily lives, and I find it so interesting and unique. But I don’t have the self-esteem or the courage to go in front of a camera, so I’ll continue to hide here behind my words, while still spilling my guts to you guys as if I was truly in front of a camera!

Ok so at this point, I’ve just thrown my eye over what I have just written–I got kinda wrapped up there in the Sims 4. This post was originally intended to be a Building Rome update, and I’ll just get on with it now, yes.


  • Look into buying a new laptop

Yup. See above.

  • Look into buying a new container/unit/thing for all my art crap.

I have yet to do this, but I did find two large-ish plastic containers to put some of my art crap into on a temporary basis. I have been scrolling through Pinterest for ideas, and have yet to find the perfect thing that I am looking for.

Again, looking into Pinterest for ideas, scrolling endlessly. I did manage to acquire the actual clock mechanism/thing though!

  • Continue with the 30 Day Challenge on both blogs (Day 8-14)

Nope. See above.


  • Put a pin in finding/getting/creating a storage area for my art crap
  • Put a pin in finding and idea/creating a clock for my room and making it a future DIY/Dean’z Doodlez post.
  • Continue with the 30 Day Challenge Dean’z Doodlez (Day’s 11-18), and the Daily Blogging here on WBW.

Last week’s goals weren’t too bad, considering I got lost in the world of Sims, so this week I’m gonna go for round two and give it another go, but this time getting concrete results on the storage and the DIY clock, as well as not forgetting my Daily Blogging! Sorry to those of you who were stopping by everyday only to find nothing, but I’m back baby! Also, the above video I found quite fitting in title, maybe not so much in lyrics, but it was a favourite of mine waayyy back in 2006-7 when I was going through my emotional teenage stage! Unitl next week! πŸ˜‰

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      1. Well darn, EA taking away all of our fun, lol. I read up about 4, I like the sound of the changes they made for handling the wants and needs. Seems better from the little I read.

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