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Building Rome 14: Busy Blogger Bee

Welcome to another Building Rome Update! This week has been hectic–between traveling and blogging on both blogs everyday, I don’t know which end of me is up right now at this moment in time! This week I set myself very little goals, but since then I have made a long list that I have yet to tick everything off of, so I might incorporate that list into here.


  • Participate in the 30 Day Challenge on both blogs

I am currently on Day 7 of my 30 Day Challenge on both blogs, and as far as I am aware, you have yet to see today’s posts. I am in work as you are possibly reading this, therefore it is a scheduled post, and both today’s challenge posts are scheduled to go up a little later on. I did make a booboo on Day 1 of my Drawing Challenge, where I left for Dublin on that day without photographing the picture for the blog, and without bringing it with me. So I carried on as normal with the other days, and finally got day 1 up and posted on Friday night!

  • Visit family in Dublin

Done and done! I left for Dublin on Monday, and returned Wednesday evening! Not much to report on this.


  • Look into buying a new laptop
  • Look into buying a new container/unit/thing for all my art crap
  • Look into buying clock mechanism/thing for future DIY/Dean’z Doodlez post.
  • Continue with the 30 Day Challenge on both blogs (Day 8-14)

There are a few other things on the list that I wrote out, but I won’t share them because I realized that each thing on the list requires me to go out and purchase something, so its more like a grocery list…

That’s it for this week on BR, what with me blogging so much! This weeks song/video is Dark Horse by Katy Perry! I’ve had it stuck in my head all week!

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