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Building Rome 13: Perspective

Welcome boys and girls to week 13 of my Building Rome Saga! This week was busy and quiet all at the same time. In busy I mean that I’ve been working flat out with very little time for blogging, and quiet as in very little blogging and no time for artsy stuff at all! What did happen though, is that myself and Katie from D/A Dialogues did a guest post on each others blogs! Exciting stuff, you can read my post on Katie’s blog HERE, and you can read her post on WBW HERE! Apart from that though, I did manage to get one other little piece in on Wednesday, as an answer to the Daily Prompt August Blues, you can read that HERE.


  • Prepare my blogs for the 30 Day Challenges

So I am more or less all set to do the 30 Day Drawing Challenge on Dean’z Doodlez which starts tomorrow, but here on WBW I mentioned I was going to do the 30 Day Photography Challenge as well. Instead, I’m thinking I might just do the Daily Prompts everyday, and make it like a 30 Day Writing Challenge of sorts.

  • Go Walking/Jogging

This didn’t happen unfortunately. While my ankle is all healed up, my jogging partner’s husband has been really ill recently, so she hasn’t been able to do it with me. I might find the motivation from somewhere to start going by myself.

  • Write a post for Katie on D/A Dialogues because she went to the effort of writing one for me which will go live here on TUESDAY!

Done and done! See above for the links!


  • Participate in the 30 Day Challenge on both blogs
  • Visit family in Dublin

That’s all I have for this week. With the challenges to keep me busy and visiting my family, as well as my neighbor being sick, I think that’s enough on my plate for now. See you guys tomorrow! 😀

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