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Building Rome 11: Baby's First Troll

Welcome one, welcome all, to another Building Rome update here on Wee Bit Wordy! Not sure what Building Rome is? Sure head on over HERE where Green, creator of Building Rome explains how it works!

So if you are not in the know, or don’t follow my main blog, Dean’z Doodlez, I recently became the victim of a Troll! Yes, nasty business altogether! But never fear, one nasty little Troll isn’t going to scare me away that easily! Read all about my Troll HERE! So that was… exciting, to say the least! Have you ever been Trolled?


Tuesday: QnA Tuesday: Mistaken Identity — Check out the second installation of my QnA here on WBW, also there’s still time to submit YOUR question to me! Ask away!

Thursday: WBW Book Corner: The Fault In Our Stars by John Green — My (sometimes) weekly book spotlight!

Friday: Foto Friday: Pippa A cute photo of my dog!


  • Visit friends and parents for long overdue visit!

This was easy and fun! I went home to Dublin for a few days (Monday-Wednesday) to my parents and met up with friends. Got to see the Guardians of the Galaxy (which was frikking amazing!!!) and caught up with all the know-how and the what’s-ups.

  • Finish Mr Mercedes for WBW Book Corner

Um, while I didn’t exactly finish Mr Mercedes, I did finish The Fault In Our Stars and you can read my thoughts on it by clicking the link above.

  • Visit comic book store (again long overdue visit)

Yay! Where I am at the moment, there is no comic book store, so I can only catch up on my comics whenever I get to Dublin, which at this stage is only once or twice a month! 3-4 weeks worth of comics purchasing put a mighty dent in my wallet!

My goals for this week gone were quite short, as I mentioned last week, I am feeling uninspired and have no clue what goals to be setting myself but I have an idea for this week. During the week I went out jogging for the first time with a very close friend/neighbor of mine. I’ve always wanted to do this, but never had the courage to do it on my own. So now that I have a potential jogging partner, I want to be able to go jogging a few times a week if and when I am not working.


  • Try go jogging more than once!
  • Finish current decoupage project for Monday or Wednesday’s Dean’z Doodlez post.
  • Make a list of DIY/Craft/Art projects to work on for future blog posts on Dean’z Doodlez.
  • Make a list of future blog posts for Wee Bit Wordy.
  • Make a Birthday Card for friend.

Okay, so I know this week’s goals are very Dean’z Doodlez orientated, but it is my baby after all, and I can’t forget about it just because I blog here too. WBW is for all my non-art related posts, but it just so happens that my goals for this week are art related!

That’s it for this week folks! See you on Tuesday, hopefully for another QnA Post if I get enough questions! Please get asking!!! 😀

4 thoughts on “Building Rome 11: Baby's First Troll”

    1. Thanks Linda! So far I’ve thankfully only had one incident with my troll–hopefully he knows to keep away now! I started Mr Mercedes as an audiobook (my first) but I’m thinking I might finish it as an ebook. But so far so good! 🙂

      1. I’ve been thinking about picking it up, so thanks for the info. I’m actually still wondering whether or not to try audiobooks too. Do you like them?

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