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Buildin Rome Week 9

spideymemeHello my friends and welcome to my ninth week of Building Rome! Building Rome is where you set yourself goals every week, but I’m no good at explaining it, so click here where Brad, creator of the Building Rome Project explains the ins and outs!


TUESDAY: I asked you guys ask me some Questions, as I want to start a weekly QnA Section here on the blog, so the more questions I have the more answers I have for you guys! You can ask me questions by commenting on this post or the other post I just linked, you can also Tweet me @deanzdoodlez! Send me your questions please, because you will get a mention, and credit for asking the question in the post on Tuesday!

THURSDAY: WBW BOOK CORNER: Somewhere(Elsewhere)

FRIDAY: I broke all the rules, took them all away! No more blogging restrictions which can be read here. I am tired of being restricted to blogging to you guys three times a week, so I’ve lifted that. While I shall still be here on Tuesday, Thursday and Sundays, I also might pop in every other Monday, Wednesday, Friday or Saturday if I get a hit of inspiration, or if I just feel like ranting to you guys.

SATURDAY: I’ve started a new monthly post where I share all my favorite things of the month just passed. So now that we’re into August I shared with you guys my July Favorites!


  • Create a schedule for Netflix watching and book reading.

While I have successfully created a schedule for Netflix, I have yet to put it into action. I guess you could say I was very good this week as I only got to watch one episode of American Horror Story on Monday night and an episode of American Horror Story on Tuesday. That’s it. That’s the only Netflix I’ve watched all week.

  • Get bicycle fixed.

Not at the moment. Apparently bicycles are quite expensive! More expensive than I thought in fact. I went inquiring about prices for new wheels and stuff for my bike, and apparently a single bicycle wheel is similar in price to the wheel of a car!!! Ridiculous. So I won’t be getting my bike fixed until I save up a few quid 🙁

  • Read more! (Seriously, I haven’t read in nearly three weeks!!!)

I finished reading a book called Somewhere(Elsewhere) which is a collection of short stories by some great authors and you can read my thoughts on it HERE! I also plan to start reading The Girl With All The Gifts by M. R. Carey as soon as I finish this post!

  • Choose and purchase a gift for Mother’s birthday present.

Hooray! My mother celebrated her birthday on Thursday and we had a great day! I got her a new phone and she got lots of great presents from friends and family. I’m also out with lunch with my whole family as you read this at the moment probably (this was written the night of Saturday Aug. 2) to celebrate her birthday!


Hmm… What to do, what to do…

  • Hang up a memo board on my wall for blog schedules and other important notes!
  • Finish reading The Girl With All The Gifts by M.R. Carey.
  • Stay at home all day Friday to wait for Internet Technician…
  • Donate books I’m finished with to charity store.
  • Keep to Netflix schedule if at all possible!

Phew! Okay folks so that’s it for this week on WBW! I’m working tomorrow, so I’ll see you guys on Tuesday hopefully for a question-filled QnA Post! 😀

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