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Build Rome, Then We'll Talk!

*The above video song title inspired this blog post title!*

It’s my second week of Green Embers’ Building Rome project, and I love it! Having to set myself goals every week and then try to achieve them–it’s brilliant and very uplifting when you actually achieve the goals! 🙂

Here are my goals from last week. I shall write under each one in italics whether or not I achieved the goal:

– Collect my new bicycle on Tuesday
Yup! Click HERE to see the bike!

– Finish the book I’m currently reading and start a new one!
Check and check! I finished reading the first Hunger Games book, and am now reading My GRL by John Howell! Visit John’s blog at

– Do some writing for the book I’m working on
I did and I didn’t. What I’m working on is a children’s book, so I found myself spending a few hours googling children’s books and researching their formats, and what the children do and don’t like, and what the editors do and don’t like. Does that count? 

– Attempt to eat healthier–less junk and carbonated drinks–more water!
While I did drink plenty more water, I also succumbed to the sweetness of the Coca Cola, damn it! Also their might have been a fast food lunch in their too 🙁 oh well, I’ll just have to try again this coming week!


Now on to my goals for the week of June 15-June 22:

-Finish reading my book and start a new one!

-Get prints made of artwork for some family members!

-Try and do a watercolour sketch/painting everyday (if possible)!

-Work some more on my children’s book project!

And on a final note, Happy Father’s Day to all the dad’s out there! Hope you have a great day!

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