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Hi guys! Welcome back to WeeBitWordy. I think I’ve finally found the direction I want to bring this blog, and the kind of material I want to share with you guys, and that is whatever I feel like, because this is my blog after all, and I should only have to post whatever I want to post, and not what other people want to see. The post I want to share with you guys today is one I did last year, and I want to do it again this year. Last year I wrote a post on books I had on my bookshelf that were still to be read going into 2015. You can click here to see that. What surprises me is that I actually got around to reading all of those books and I loved all of them except for Jeeves and the Wedding Bells, that wasn’t really my cup of tea. Without further ado, here is my list of books that I have yet to read:

‘A Monster Calls’ and ‘The Rest of us Just Live Here’ by Patrick Ness

I’ve heard many good things about Patrick Ness and have been dying to read some of his books for quite some time now. I’ve read about 30 odd pages of A Monster Calls and so far so good!

Mr Mercedes by Stephen King

I love Stephen King’s books! I’ve been reading a good few of them on and of for a number of years, but am behind now on some of his most recent books. I have this and Revival still to read, and I’m expecting them to be King’s usual standard of greatness.

To Kill A Mockingbird & The Catcher in the Rye

Two essential classic reads that I have been putting off for some time, I hope to finally get around to reading these two at some point in the year!

The Poison Throne by Celine Kiernan

Written by Irish author Celine Kiernan, The Poison Throne is the first book in a trilogy, and I can’t wait to start reading it. I’ve read two books by Celine, Into the Grey and Resonance, and they were both amazing, so I’m hoping that the Moorehawke trilogy will be just as good.

A Clash of Kings by GRR Martin

I read the first book of A Game of Thrones about 2 years ago now, and I’ve been putting off reading this book purely because of the sheer size of it. I think the last time I read something of that size was The Stand by Stephen King, and even then I didn’t manage to finish it!

Those are the main books that I’ve brought with me from 2015 into 2016. There are a few others there in that pile (as I’m sure you can see) and I have a handful of other books sitting on a shelf waiting to be read also!

Have you many books left from 2015 that you’re bringing into 2016? Or are you starting fresh and looking forward to a good splurge the next time you visit your local bookstore?


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