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Blackbird Books: 1 Year Later

Let’s rewind to exactly 12 months ago and 2 days from today’s date. On April 24th 2015 I sat down to write a blog post like I had never written before. I had been about the town, getting my bicycle fixed up when all of a sudden I stumbled upon a bookshop like I’d never seen before… in fact why don’t I point you to that blog post: In Which Fate Finds Me Favourite New Bookshop, then come back here, and we’ll continue our chat. All done? Great!IMG_0112

So it has been one whole year since I first encountered the lovely Shane and Lorraine of Blackbird Books, and well things, in my opinion, have only gotten better. I have become good friends with them, and make it a part of my weekly routine to visit at least twice a week, if not more. I would go in there seven days a week if I could, alas they close on Sunday’s and Monday’s so that isn’t quite possible.

Blackbird Books has really become a staple in the community, where all the local book lovers unite! Many events have occured since their opening, with another taking place this very Saturday, April 23rd:

Birdsong Poster via Blackbird Books

“Since we opened in April 2015, we have hosted readings by bestselling authors Donal RyanJax Miller and Nuala O’Connor, a special open mic night for Culture Night, a reading (and origami lesson!) from locally-based children’s author Kieran Fanning and Birdsong, our series of bookshop gigs, with some of Ireland’s leading young singer-songwriters performing in our upstairs space.” –

Remember when I said mentioned that there weren’t many books upon their shelves? Well, that’s no longer the case! Blackbird is brimming with books, almost to the point where they now have more books than they know what to do with! They have a great little system where you can trade in your old books that you are finished with or no longer need, in exchange for some store credit. IMG_0114(1)Upstairs in their secondhand section is where you’ll find those books, and quite a variety can be found too. They have it extremely well organised, and plenty of helpers to make sure that they all go in the correct section too.

Let us not forget the amazing book club that Blackbird host every month too. On the first Wednesday of every month, you can gather in Blackbird with others to chat and discuss the book of the month, which is generally picked at the end of the previous meeting. I was fortunate to attend the very first official Blackbird Book club in which we read and discussed Miss Emily by Nuala O’ Connor. The feedback of the bookclub has been amazing, and whilst I may not attend it every month, I very much support it, and hope it continues on for a very long time.

Photo via Blackbird’s Facebook

I have a lot to thank Shane and Lorraine for. They have been nothing but kind to me and done nothing but support me, and my creative adventures. In the past couple of months I have started creating my own greeting cards, as some of you may or may not know, and they were very kind enough to to stock and sell the cards on my behalf. I don’t have enough fingers to count all the endless good deeds they do for not only myself, but others who come into the shop. They are nothing but generous, kind and welcoming people.

They’ve also helped me greatly with this blog here, yes this very one that you are reading. In the past month I have come across more opportunities than I could have imagined when it comes to blogging. HoIMG_0119pefully this relationship will continue strongly into the future. I ended last year’s blog post with a little letter/note to Shane and Lorraine, so I’ll it again this year:

To Shane and Lorraine, you have survived your first year as booksellers. You already know what I have to say, so all I will say is this: Here’s to many more succesful years! Go n-eirí an bóthar leat!

All the best,



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