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Author/Reader Fail: Anthony Horowitz

So if you’re an avid reader like myself, I’m sure there are one or two authors that you have come across that you simply just can NOT cope with their style of writing, and no matter how hard you try, you just cannot read their books. Am I right?

For me, that one author is Anthony Horowitz. I don’t know what it is, to be honest. I have nothing against the man, in fact, he recently wrote two books based around one of my favourite characters, Sherlock Holmes, and it killed me, because no matter how hard I tried I couldn’t read those books! The first book was of course, House of Silk, his first official Sherlock Holmes book. I’m sure the story was brilliant, and from what I’ve heard, it is, but I got about 50 pages into the book when I had to close it, I got so annoyed and fed up. The same went for the second and very most recent book he wrote, Moriarty, which is based around the death of Sherlock Holmes and Moriarty at the Reichanbach Falls. This time, funnily enough, I got in at 150 pages before I slammed the book shut in frustration. I don’t know if this means I am coming around to his style of writing or what, but its progress!

And this is certainly not a recent fad that I have picked up that I cannot read Horowitz’s books, oh no! This goes back to when I was coming into my early teenage years, and Horowitz had just released Stormbreaker, the first book in the Alex Rider series. I love books and have loved them since I was ten years of age when I first read Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone by JK Rowling. So as you can see, I clearly have a problem with Mr Horowitz’s style of writing, and for the life of me just can’t put my finger on it!

So that’s my rant for this week. How about you? Have you got an author/author’s whose style of writing just gets up your wick?

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  1. I have to admit to not reading enough to make a judgment about an author I just can’t read. BUT I really liked your rant. It’s an interesting perspective when there is someone who’s work you’re really interested in, but you just can’t get into it. If I try an author once and cant do it, I may try a second time, but that would be my limit. I admire your determination. 🙂

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