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Hey guys! It’s Tuesday once again, here on Wee Bit Wordy and that means anything goes! Today I want to tell you about some good news I got on Friday, which I touched on just a fraction in Sunday’s Building Rome post!

On Thursday, I went for a job interview with a local arts and crafts shop called Art & Hobby! They then got back to me the following day to inform me I got the job–happy days! I started day one of training yesterday and day two of two was today. Its a great shop and I love it, and my co-workers are all great too! Art & Hobby do everything from arts and crafts to board games, Lego, Loom Bands, DIY kits, kites, card-making, you name it!

As well as that, the store is in a shopping center which is a twenty minute walk at most from my house, which is great, and what’s better is that its only 10 minutes (if even) on my bicycle! Hooray! That means more cycling, and one more guaranteed goal ticked off on my Building Rome post every week!

That’s it really for the moment! Make sure to hit the follow/subscribe button if you haven’t already and check back on Thursday for another WBW Book Corner post! Also, I’ve something great lined up for next week’s Anything Goes post, all going to plan!

Toodles! 😉

10 thoughts on “Art & Hobby”

  1. Art & Hobby sounds fun to work for– but do they have kites? Bonus on the workplace being close– 20 minutes by foot, 10 minutes by bike is fantastic! Where I live, things are pretty “wide open spaces” so such a thing is rare.

      1. I haven’t blogged about it for a while, but kite-flying is one of my hobbies. The very gusty winds here means that delta-shaped kites do best, so I fly a lot of Delta-Coyne kites and two-line stunter/sport kites. I’d like to get into traction/powerkiting– basically, what the windsurfing crowd uses now for kite boarding, but I’d like to use a parawing design. They are HARD to find though and I don’t yet have the skills to make my own.

  2. Reblogged this on the tao of jaklumen and commented:
    The only store in my town that comes close to what Dean describes is that chain that’s blowin’ up the Internet with indignation and protest: Hobby Lobby. I trust that Dean has good benefits that are less controversial– I also wish I had such a store closer to home!

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