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Answers 3: From the Little One

TGIF! Hope you’re having a great Friday folks! Today I’m answering a prompt from an awesome series that Charles over on Legends of Windemere runs called “Questions 3” where every week he gives you three questions, and you answer them, whether it be in the comments or in your own seperate blog post, that’s completely up to you. I usually decide to do it in a blog post like I’m doing right now. My original plan today was to write a book review, but I just reviewed a graphic novel on Wednesday, and I don’t feel like doing two reviews in one week! So without further ado, let’s get to it. Below is a blockquote of Charles’s explanation of this week’s questions, followed by the questions, and then you’ll find my answers below that!

So I had a plan for today, but somebody woke up early.  He asked what I was doing, so I explained.  Naturally he wants to help.  So here are 3 questions from the munchkin:

  1. What were you for Halloween?
  2. How would you train your dragon?
  3. The Praying Mantis Bug!  (Not a question, but he demands I write it.)
  4. Do you like Charlie Brown?  (He’s going to the Peanuts movie again.)

Not as challenging as they usually are, but it should be fun.

  1. For Halloween this year, I dressed up as Captain Jack Sparrow, and it was awesome! I had a great night, and I spent the night drinking Captain Morgan’s and Cola like a true Pirate! Here, have a picture!
    Me as Captain Jack Sparrow!
  2. How would I train my dragon? Hmm… let me see… I think I would train my dragon with respect, and hope that we gain a close bond and that our relationship becomes strong enough that it’s similar to that of Ash and Pikachu’s in Pokemon!
  3. EEEK!!!!
  4. Good ‘ol Charlie Brown… How I hate him!

And that’s it! All three(four?) of Questions 3 answered! This was fun, and it’s something I think I’ll try and do a little more often! Maybe every second or third week? We’ll see! Anyway, that’s it for this Friday’s post, I’ll see you guys all on Monday for a wrap on how my week went. Until then πŸ˜‰

PS: Bonus points if you get the reference in my answer to No.4.

PPS: Do you like the new look? Isn’t everything so neat and fresh looking? New logo, new header, new theme! I love it, and I hope you do to!!!

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