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All My Pets!

Aren’t they SO cute?!?

Today’s post will be a bit pet centric if you haven’t gathered already–also I am cutting it extremely close with today’s post, I’ve less than 30 minutes before the clock strikes midnight!!!

The Three Musketeers

Above you see two beautiful puppies. About this time two years ago these puppies were introduced into our lives, and very much brought a community together. A neighbour of mine brought home this gorgeous pup, followed by another for a different neighbour, and another, and then my Dad finally asked for one, and he ended up getting the last of the litter (and the best).  The photo above is Bing and Tyson. Bing and Tyson went to neighbours, until about six months ago, Bing became my dog when our neighbour had a newborn child and couldn’t handle both. No problemo! Tyson lives a few doors down, followed by Alfie another few doors down, and Abby lives with my dad in Dublin.

Bing wasn’t the first dog to enter our household though, no, about eight-nine years ago me and my mam took in a jack russell/pom mix called Pippa and a cat called Tiggey as pictured above with our newest addition, Bing! Surprisingly they all get along great, Pippa and Bing are best of pals, and Tiggey couldn’t care less. Bing doesn’t really chase cats, and Tiggey is the sort of cat where you leave her alone and she’ll leave you alone!

CGnALMTWcAA4_oJ.jpg large
“Dumb and Dumber” are their nicknames. You can decide which is which!

Abby, as I said lives with my dad in Dublin, and she too isn’t the first to enter that household. Abby lives with two cats, Sid (pictured below with Abby) and Lilly. Unfortunately they don’t get along quite as well as my three musketeers, but it’s a work in progress, and Sid is starting to come around. Lilly on the other hand, not so much and sound like a Honda 50 anytime Abby gets even remotely near her!

Sid (left) and Abby!
Sid (left) and Abby!

So just another quick little post today, hope you enjoyed this little insight into the mad house(s) I live in and all my animals! Have you any pets in your household? How many? Do they get along? Let me know! See you tomorrow! 😉

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