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A Day In My Life – June 4th 2015

I woke up at 11AM on Thursday morning of June 4th, 2015 and got dressed before making my way downstairs. I shuffle through the sitting room and into the kitchen to make myself some breakfast. There are some hard boiled eggs left over from the day before, so I make myself some egg-mayo on toast accompanied by a glass of orange juice and a mug of froamy milky coffee.

After breakfast I decide I’m going to work on finishing a painting I have been planning for about a week or so. I know I have the majority of the day free, so I am not too worried about time. I gather all my supplies–brushes, palette, paints–and make my way out to the back garden. I know this painting will be a messy one, so I lay out an old sheet on the ground and place the first of two canvases in the middle of it. The first canvas is an old one, so I intend to use this one to practice the technique I’m going to use on the final painting.

An hour or so later, and I’m finished the painting. There is still one more step to add to the finished painting, but I can’t do that until the paint dries. 2PM comes and goes and I get myself a frozen pizza from the freezer, and put it in the oven. I have to be in work for 6PM, so I know if I eat now that it will get me through work until I get home later tonight.

I go to work for 6PM. I’m only in until 9PM, but it turns out to be the longest three hours ever! At this time of the evening, even though Thursday and Friday’s are late night shopping where I work, it’s usually dreadfully quiet. Our shop makes window displays in respect to the time of year, so because we’re coming into the summer, we have a tropical beach scene painted onto the window. Most of the window was finished, except for some small details, so we passed an hour or so adding them final touches. 9PM comes around and we close up shop and head home for the night!

Once home I kick off my shoes and collapse into the arm chair. I watch a bit of TV and then make my way out the back to check on my painting which I left in the shed to dry while I was working. It’s dry enough, so I add the final touch to the painting and bring it in and upstairs to my room. I spend the rest of the night watching YouTube before going to sleep around 1AM.

…And that was a day in my life. Boring yes, I know, but hey, not everyone has a brilliant and fascinating life! See you soon! 😉

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