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A Big Happy 2nd Birthday to WBW!

I couldn’t let the day pass without dropping in to inform you guys that April 1st is the birthday of this blog, WeeBitWordy. Today WBW turns 2. That’s right, two years ago in the wee hours of the night, I decided to start this little blog here.

I was bored, and wanted somewhere where I could go and write whatever the hell I wanted. At first I assumed anonymity, as I didn’t want to be known, but I quickly cast that aside, and just became me. Being someone you are not is difficult, and especially when the stuff you want to write is from the heart.

This blog has come a fair way since April 1st 2014. There have been a few changes, some minor, some major. But either way, it has always been a place where I go and just write my heart’s content out. I miss that. If you haven’t noticed, I have been quite absent for the past month or two, and I explained that in my previous blog post that I wouldn’t be around here as much. I miss this place. I miss coming here and just writing whatever the hell I feel like writing, I miss telling you guys about what I got up to during the week and I miss keeping you guys up to date with what books I’m reading.

I think that WBW’s birthday is my opportunity to return here to the blog. While I may not get back into the full swing of things straight away, I think I will resume my weekly update post, just so I still feel connected with the blog, and you guys, my readers–I miss connecting with you guys the most, and reading about all your adventures, and all the books that you guys are reading.

So stay tuned. I have some things I want to start writing about. I have books, authors and other events that are worthy of my mentioning. April is always an exciting month for me–I always find something new/creative/fun to do or share!

Until then… 😉

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