5 Books I Never Finished Reading!

Today on WBW I’m sharing with you guys another “5 Books” post. This one is 5 Books that I never finished reading, or couldn’t finish reading, which you could also say in a sense, is a follow up to my last 5 Books post, which was 5 Books I Have Yet To Read.

Before I begin, I’m lucky enough to say that there aren’t that many books that I haven’t finished reading. Generally when I read a book, I am capable of finishing it. It’s rare that I come across a book that I don’t like that much that I haven’t been able to finish it. Let’s go:

  • Dracula by Bram Stoker

So, I was probably 16 when I first picked this book up. So I guess I might have been a bit young to be reading it? I don’t know, but I got about 50 pages in before I got “fed up” with it. I guess there wasn’t enough action in it for my 16 year old self to keep my focus. On saying that, I would be very tempted to get my hands on another copy  and give it another go!

  • Scorchtrials by James Dashner

I only recently picked up the Scorchtrials and was very disappointed in both myself and the book that I couldn’t finish it. I read Maze Runner, the 1st in the Maze Runner trilogy, and absolutely loved it (the movie not so much). So, when I eventually got around to reading the Scorchtrials I was super amped, only to not like it. I felt the story was getting to dragged out and part of me, while reading it, was going “I’m going to have to read a whole other book in this series”. My mind, I guess, just wasn’t in the right frame of mind.

  • The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo by Stieg Larrson

This book was just difficult. I thought at first that it was just me, but after asking around, apparently it isn’t the easiest book/series to read. I have a friend that has read the series, and loved it, and I say kudos to them, because it’s just not my cup of tea. Also, I find it harder to read books that are translated text.

  • The Stand by Stephen King

This is another book that I would like to pick up again if I were to get my hands on another copy. I read this book a couple of years ago and got about 500 pages into the approx 1200+ pages before I got tired of reading it. It was also my first Stephen King book to read. Ever. Yeah, quite the book to pick as his first one of mine to read, huh. So yeah, I think if I were to give it another go I would probably make it to the end.

  • TBC!

As I mentioned above, I’m lucky enough to say that there aren’t that many books that I haven’t finished reading, and it would appear that there are only 4 books that I haven’t finished reading. I didn’t realise it until I went about looking into the books (i.e trying to remember) that were going to go on this list. Hurrah! The only downside to it, is that there are potential books out there that could defeat me…

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Have you any books that you haven’t finished reading? What are they?  Please comment with your answer, I’d love to know!


5 thoughts on “5 Books I Never Finished Reading!”

  1. I really liked Dracula! I’m a huge fan of Gothic stuff. I usually try to persevere with reading books – it’s rare for me to just stop reading. However I recently tried to read Paradise Lost and gave up after just a few pages!

  2. To be fair, I have heard very similar things about all these books from other readers. I haven’t tried to read any of them, so at least you’re doing a bit better than me. 🙂

  3. Go back and read The Stand, you won’t regret it. It’s up there with my all-time favourite reads 🙂

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