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Build a Snowman in Rome, Then We'll Talk

Continuing to “Build Rome” as I have been now for three solid weeks! This week flew in and I hope next week is just as interesting! Today marks my first day of minding my 1yr old pup and 2 cats while the ‘rents are away! I have until Tuesday to make sure they don’t kill each other! *GULP*

Last weeks Goals & Results:

-Finish reading my book and start a new one!
FAIL! Nope! Didn’t happen–but fear not, I shall not fall behind on the WBW Book Corner! No–Won’t let it happen! In fact, I already have Thursday’s post lined up and ready to go!

-Get prints made of artwork for some family members!
Hooray! Done and done!

-Try and do a watercolour sketch/painting everyday (if possible)!
Yes! Had fun doing this too! If I get stuck, I use the @Sketch_Dailies prompt! Check out for all my sketches from this week including Shaggy, The Flash, a wacky pigeon and more!

-Work some more on my children’s book project!
Um… again a yes and a no with this one. No, I didn’t work on my current project, but yes I got inspiration for a new children’s book! Whoot!

This weeks Goals:

  • Finish the book I failed to finish last week and start a new one!
  • Continue to sketch daily, regardless of whether with watercolors or not!
  • Pet-sit the dog and two cats without killing them or going insane!
  • Cycle-cycle-cycle! Try to go out on my bicycle at least once a day!

That’s it for now–see you next Sunday with my progress report! Wish me luck! 😀

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